Contest Winner!

Well, this is going to be a short post, but I had two magnificent entries. Because of the winner's entry having an IRL face (which I forgot to rule out), I will post the runner up's entry.

SO, with a nicely matching picture to her screenshot, the winner of my contest is APRIL!! Congratulations, and enjoy your membership/crowns!

The runner up is TASHA SPARKLEHEART! Here is her entry:

Nice Job, Tasha!
Tasha, I would give you a runner-up prize, BUT I don't have anything to give that's better than a KIFG code - and I don't want to disappoint you! April, check your e-mail for your code!

Great job, everybody - Keep Traveling!



  1. Wow! You know, Tasha and I were winners in another contest hosted by Petnome Project, and since then, I've heard of her winning other contests. Could you maybe say hi to her for me from a fellow contest hawk? It's like we're practically friends! Except I've never got the chance to talk to her.

  2. Hey Tasha! It's Roslyn Silvertalon from the Shenlong Dragon contest. Maybe you don't remember. Are you on Wizard101 Central? I'd like to get your name if you are so I can PM you. We should SO talk.

  3. :O I remember! Ya I am on central! I go as StrawberryG :) add me


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