Incoming Woolly Mammoth!

Hatched my MC-Icetrap pet with an SPU-life giver pet, this is what I
got at teen.
Phew, time has flown by, or maybe I'm leveling faster than usual. Honestly, it felt like last week when I got my Snow Angel and decided not to use it, and yesterday when I finally did. Actually, yesterday was my blogoversary - and I have to say thank you to the few people who read my post and gave me a hello yesterday. Also, happy blogoversary to Paige Daisypetal - yes, we started our blogs on the same day.
Anyhow, here is some general news before I announce the topic:

  • This week is SHARK WEEK! Claim your free one-day swift shark mount soon!
  • House-a-Palooza has begun, and official blogs are beginning to hold contests!
  • Mega-pets, the new arenas, etc have NOT been released yet...
  • Many official blogs are holding P101 Beta Key contests! I have entered in SO many of them!
OK, so today's topic is mist wood the adventure for my Woolly Mammoth.

My hoarder battle wasn't too hard. This time around, I faced a boss with no minions and no cheats, also with a nice boost to Ice. What I did immediately was get a balefrost chilling the duel, and an aura around me. After that, the battle was pretty much hacking away at the Hoarder's health, with the help of a minion. I healed once about 3/4 into the battle with a satyr, but the rest of it was pretty smooth.
After the hoarder killed my minion (and almost me) with a scarecrow, I immediately shifted into overdrive, casting damage as often as I could, without any blade stacking (which I am getting better at, having trained Elemental Blade and keeping it in my side-deck) and aura/trap placement. Near the end, I was down to 1,300 health and the hoarder 980; so I hit with a cr. 2,000 damage frost giant (thanks to critical and a leftover blade). That was probably my most successful solo boss battle in my history of solo boss battles, no doubt. I actually wish I could do this again, just for kicks. With all this said, my strategy is getting more solid the more I battle, and I'll be (hopefully) out of Drum Jungle soon.

 After defeating the Hoarder, I was off to Colossus Boulevard, and I met a Woolly Mammoth! I ran in front of its tusks (not shown) and got hit by it for 0 damage, but it was beautiful! This is a gem of a spell, I am just in love with these mammoths!
Next-to-lastly, I ran back to Ravenwood and got my mammoth! Of course, since I got my colossus, I started a tradition of helping newer players (who, for my own reasons, I don't call "noobs") whenever I got a new spell. So; that's exactly what I did!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Gratz :D Now in PvP you will be a true problem XD, Mammoth is always the one that kills me :P

  2. Evan ShadowAugust 16, 2012

    Mammoth FTW!! Good job Destiny ;).

    P.S. I recently got a cloud o'bugs mammoth! Tell me ingame if you want to hatch :)


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