Wish You Were Here

Where is here?

Here is PIRATE101!!
To be honest and to stick to the NDA, Pirate101 is really cool and none of you will be disappointed! My one wish is to see all of you in-game with me! I got in thanks to the kindness of Blaze Shadowhorn, who happened to win THREE beta codes! He gave one to me...and the rest is confidential!

Well, I should get back to the "Other Side of the Spiral"!

Keep Traveling!


  1. This is a really nice blog you have here! I sure hope I get in beta!


  2. Gratz :) I hope you have a great time in beta, and I hope I can get a code ;)

  3. LUCKY!I still haven't gotten my beta key and I don't feel like doing contests in the hot weather where I live, every pen I own doesn't have ink anymore because of the weather.

  4. @Blaze - Thanks for stopping by and becoming my 30th follower!
    @Talon N. - You'll love beta, I hope to see you there!
    @Cass - Same here, I typed in whatever entries I made. :P

    Thanks, you guys!


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