Swashbuck Soultamer in Cool Ranch (A rather..different post)

As you stop by Destiny's blog, you hear somebody trip and fall over.
"No, no no no!!" It's a swashbuckler, with an icy aura; and she apparently tripped over on the corner. Papers are scattered everywhere, and she struggles to pick them all up. Once she has (for the most part), she continues running towards the docks, uncorking a bottled skiff from under her arm. A document flies out from her unbuckled satchel, and it flies into your face. A piece of parchment from Wizard City - how odd!

Captain's Log
6:30 AM (Skull Island Standard Time)

The morning wasn't so bad, if you call hot and dry to the sound of roosters "not so bad". I traded in The Sky's Ransom for a better skiff, Thunder Fox, over at Santo Pollo. I haven't gotten a chance to 

8:00 AM (SIST)(Fictitious spinoff - undetermined by me whether this actually happens or not)

Yes, yes; Banditoads DID have to attack the ship so early, as I have learned. They seem to be under a stronger force, but for the moment, civilians of Santo Pollo have been asking me favors - retrieve this, deliver that...it is saddening not to have as much time as I wish. However, a friend back in Cooper's Roost, supposedly in honor of my journey - completed and upcoming - invited me to the tavern for a rest and some Yum, and that's what I'm doing now. Thankfully, the windlanes are clear so I can get to the Roost AFAP (F being fast). The journeys are hardly ever this smooth, but

9:45 AM SIST - Sarah Steele

I'm not quite sure where Destiny is right now, but thank Avery for Bonnie's navigation skills, we'd have been sky-kill if it weren't for her skill at the steer wheel! I thought I'd keep her log updated. At the moment, everybody is out of quarters and have taken Destiny's bottled ships to search the skyways for her. I have to say, those banditoads from earlier were most definitely...not...in fact, may I say it, the Armada has grown smarter - and may even be dabbling in Hoodoo to get their jobs done. It scares me, Hoodoo gives me the shivers; I try to stay away from Scratch. 

12:00 PM SIST - Sarah

It took a while, it did; but Juan sailed The Leaky Vagabond so far and found the poor captain stranded on a floating bit of rock in Dragonspyre, completely looted and unconscious. He sailed her all the way back, and very slowly. Not that I believe the crazy monkey, but he claims to have defended the ship with only his crossbow. 

2:15 PM SIST

Sarah tells the truth, and good thing my bit of Dorado-map is stowed on the Fox. The Armada indeed made a sneak attack, and if it weren't for my blade drawing sparks from my spurs, we would have taken them! Unfortunately, all of my keepsakes and carry-along items are gone, including my stilettos. The soldiers also roughed me up a bit, but if I remember correctly, it was my fault for struggling. This isn't the first time the clockworks have nabbed my blades, but this time, mind I get them back, they'll never leave my palms. 


The page ended there. About to fold it into your backpack, you hear the same footsteps, hurrying back.
"What do you think you're doing with that?" The same swashbuckler puts her hands on her hips then snatches the paper back, running off at a breakneck pace.


Well, this is a post that I've been meaning to create for a while now, and when posting day came on a surprise notice, I had to do this! Please, give me some feedback - should I post like this more often?

Keep Traveling!
Feel better soon, Kyle. We miss you very much.


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