Stuck in the Air-Conned Room...and Updates...

Before I start the post, I wanted to make clear that the weather is a lot hotter and more humid than I enjoy it, but I wanted to keep my bi-daily posting streak, so here I am posting total wandstrike, no swearing intended.
Hello! If you don't already know, I am the Chief Editor for KingsIsle Universe, a rising fansite dedicated to helping and informing users who play games by KingsIsle. I wanted to tell you all about what's been going on lately:

  1. The forums have started to run, and the post-age is going pretty smoothly. So far, the main forums are the off-topic ones (which are still in a sense on-topic), Creativity Universe (writing, graphics, roleplay), the Staff-Only sections (and you're not missing anything if you're not there, we're just chatting and reporting bugs mainly) and Bug Report, which is great for our Support Team!
  2. More and more pages are getting written! If you think that a few staff members are inactive, think again; our co-founder has stayed up during nights working on pages and graphics! I (personally) am busy working on various articles, looking through the forums and fixing double/triple posts, as well as making sure user pages follow the rules. (Also, I am in the process of interviewing a hopeful news writer - YAY!)


Okay, so how many times have I talked about some kind of palooza? You probably already know what's to come, but here we go:
Items/houses in the crown shop are 50% off, and there are new Avalon housing items! Blogs are holding contests for houses, extra housing elixirs (which are also in the crown shop) and teleporters, all in one code! Check out W101 official sites for more info!

Shark Week!

Yes, Shark Week is on air, and I watch it when it's cool enough inside to go downstairs and watch TV. You can get a free one-day shark mount via the W101 site!

Personal Updates

Been questing in Drum Jungle, I just need to get past the Overseer and I might be in Elephant Graveyard...yeah, that's really it, I'm so excited!

Anyhow, being a thaumaturge in these weather conditions is hard, hopefully the temp will cool down.

Keep Traveling!


  1. Did you mention it's good to keep pets indoors when it's hot?

  2. Hey Dadar, thanks for stopping by again! Thanks for reminding me to post that - I'm in an air-conned room with a cat, a dog, and my hamster! :P


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