Ravenwood Ball and Birthday Bash 101

Hey, hey, hey!! Destiny here, and I'm going to be posting today about the 3rd annual Ravenwood Ball and Birthday Bash. This is a MAJOR community event that SO many people attend - I'll be lucky to secure a spot in Ravenwood!
I'll be covering several topics:

  • The General - Who, What (skipped), When, Where, Why, How
  • The Expected - Past Pictures of the Party
  • The Extra - Mini Parties, Contests
  • The Mind Boggling - Two Words: Outfit Choice

    And, don't forget!
  • KU Updates, as usual. :)

The General

Who - Fallon ShadowBlade of Diary of a Wizard. The birthday bash is for her, and she is the host!What - The RB&BB, like I mentioned, is a MASSIVE party; complete with contests, mini-parties, dancing, and maybe too many people!
When - THIS SATURDAY, ALL DAY. Yep, August 11th - all day long.
Where - Ravenwood, Vampire Realm. I'll be there first thing in the morning, doing the AFK dance in the Spiral Gate Room.
Why - Have I covered this? The RB&BB is a big party, not only "just because" but for Fallon Shadowblade's birthday too!
How - Dress in your most fancy attire, and teleport/walk/fly/etc on in!

The Expected
  • A lot of people
  • A bit of lag
  • Something like...this!


Told you guys it would be crowded...

The Extras

DoaW did announce that there would be (unless I'm mistaken) contests weekly, here are a few results. Also, once Ravenwood fills to the brim, the mini-parties will begin! The first one is at Fallon's Tower of Winter Winds to celebrate DoaW's birthday, the next hosted by various bloggers around the spiral. 

The Mind-Boggling

Maybe the hardest part for me (and many) with the RB&BB is finding the perfect outfit. I have seen some really great ones, but since I am not fully leveled, I don't have complete access to all the awesome gear. Back to Marleybone with me!
I'm pretty satisfied with this.

Paige Daisypetal's Outfit

Thought You'd Never Ask

It's KU update time! :D
Okay, so we're inching closer and closer to finishing the pages, and I really do have to thank all the staff who have stayed up entire nights to work. The forums are starting to run, and the article postings have been (a bit minimal, but) steady. We still need a Voyager Mod, News Writers, Event Planners, etc. If I'm not on KU, I'm writing, blogging, playing tennis, piano...ing, or am in Stone Town. Staff - remember to send in your pictures!

Well, that wraps it up!

Keep Traveling!

BY THE WAY - this is my 200th post, yay!!


  1. Congrats on the 200th post!

  2. Congrats on the big 200 :D Thanks for the info :)


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