Purreau's Pet Pack!

From KU (from the Ravenwood News):

Purreau's Pet Pack has arrived!
Our newest game card pack is filled with brand new Pets and Pet goodies!

  • 12 new Pets with new talents to train for!
  • Variety of new Pet snacks
  • New seeds for gardening
  • Assortment of Pet themed housing items

With Purreau's Pet Pack, you can build your own empire of cool Pets. Check it out in the Crown Shop today!
That's right, wizards! Purreau's Pet Pack features TWELVE new and exciting pets, including the Deer Knight (photo above), Smith, and Giant Ladybug! So for all you pet trainers or may-cast collectors, start saving your crowns!
Well, that's the scoop (sorry it's so short) from me! Frosty, out.

Wow, I've been playing SO much Pirate101, that I nearly forgot about W101! (gasp)

Anyhow, don't forget to read yesterday's post!

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