Once Around the Spiral (First Blogoversary)

             When I first joined the W101 players' blogosphere, I ran a very small blog called A Thaumaturge's Thoughts for about a month. It has been deleted for a few reasons; a few of them regarding personal information and some embarrassment on my spelling (which has greatly improved since then). I was level 17.Four levels, and a year or two later, I was level 21; just to show you how slow of a quester (and how crownless) I was back then. I cashed in a few more crowns, and glared at my best friend Paige Daisypetal, who was already in Marleybone. I opened up my very slow browser (Internet Explorer, what could I expect?) and looked through the sites that I had visited a year back....The Friendly Necromancer being one of them. The word 'Necromancer' shone in my head from the recent battles, and I clicked on it. I marveled in what I had marveled at a year or so back, and decided to give it another try.

My Year As A Wizard (in pictures)

As it turns out, I was in this very location (on this trip) when I started the blog, and here I am again writing the blogoversary post (see scheduling notes). Sure, a heck lot has changed. I went from this:

                                                                               To this:

My posts went from thisto this, to this!
I also blasted through FIVE plots for W101/P101 fanfcition, only one of them ever playing out all the way. 

I made so many great friends like Cody!

I battled.

I learned.
I partied, and made new acquaintances 
I...failed once or twice...
(This was during Mount Lab, where I hoped NOT to get caught)

Events On Blog and In W101 (in close enough order) During the Past Year

  • Zafaria was released
  • Avalon was released
  • I defeated Malistaire
  • The game of Pirate101 went into Beta testing, and the wizards went into suspense. 
  • I changed my blog link
  • I began writing more fiction
  • I gained 29 Followers! 
  • I gained the Chief Editor position on KU
        Also, with the addition of Travels to the blogosphere, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that my writing wasn't as bad as I had thought it was, and my grammar and usage skills skyrocketed from all the reading. I also learned a lot of weird things about my personality, how I tend to use an accent (that I'm not even supposed to have) when talking on the phone, and that I have a really unique laugh - don't ask! I have gotten to know the people around me - IRL and on-line too! I've had short acquaintances, and priceless friendships made on both sides of the screen! I started helping out on forums and now am the Chief Editor for KingsIsle Universe; I've been through the rough and tumble of its beginnings, but I still see a bright future for it!
        What I like best about the community is their openness and kindness towards the other bloggers and wizards. Though I have seen things on the latter side, the friendliness that I stepped into overpowered anything that would make a wizard worried. If I'm ever in need of a friend to get help from (in game), to chat with, or just to be a friend, I can always count on bloggers! You're all brilliant, you know. :) You really are. 
        To begin wrapping things up, I wanted to hold a little contest.

        For most of my posts, I have left my signature as "Keep Traveling! - Des". If you think you can come up with a unique way to portray it, whether a chat bubble in an interesting world, or a graphic, or anything that is appropriate, I'd like to see it! Send it to me at destinysoultamer @ gmail . com and your entry will be considered for these prizes:
1st - 2 hoard packs of your choice
2nd - 1 hoard pack of choice AND 3 KIFG codes, which I will have to award at a good time.
3rd - 4 KIFG codes, same thing.

You have until next Monday to submit entries!

Hoards will be gifted by Ria Drake, my very good wiz-friend and owner of KU, after a lot of arguing over who would be getting hoard packs on my blogoversary, me or her. Thank you, Ria!!

KEEP TRAVELING (in life, no matter which path it leads you to - and no matter what it gets you stuck in, that same path will always get you out.) 

It's a long story about the scheduling - I thought that the blogoversary was a month ago.