New Pet Level, New PvP Arenas, and MORE

Frantic Intro

AAAAAAH!! I logged on this morning,  and there are SO MANY new updates! Do you know how long this post is going to be, and how much time I'll use up organizing all the info to be posted on KU? THEN, I have to get in game and try to wind up at a new arena...and then battle...hopefully a good 2v2 partner is online around then...
After that, I'm going to try the new pet games and get really mad because the new level is "Mega" and in my opinion, Epic should come after that.
Ok, I think that part's done...enjoy the post.

Test Realm

KI did mention that some new features are only available on the Test Realm currently, and I think we know what that means..
Well, until we actually find a way to download the test realm, we have to wait. 

KIFG Codes

All codes earned before July 19th have now expired, AND we may have to stop using them as prizes too, or at least long-term - all KIFG codes now expire after 24 hours of winning them. Thanks a lot, KI...

Maintenance Times Changed

"From now until September 18th 2012 our normal scheduled weekly maintenance window is temporarily moving to Tuesday mornings at 3am to 5am Central US time. During that time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and currently logged in players will be prompted to log out 15 minutes in advance."


...this is probably the part that I am a bit freaked out by, in the sense of being a bit overwhelmed. First of all, pet rank no longer stops at Epic, but now stops at Mega, allowing a fifth talent to each stat sheet. At the moment (actually) I'm trying to hatch with my friend's Fragmented Dragon to get a pet with good stats, and I'm not SO worried about the Mega-ness. However, this is great for people who didn't get the talent they wanted at Epic, and can try again. Also, you can now feed your pets two snacks at the end of training games.
Along with that, there are two new training games!

"Grumpy Gobblers Game
Fire your pet at the target, adjusting direction, angle and power. Knock everything down to score a victory! Control direction and angle with arrow keys. Adjust the cannon's power with the power gauge. Use Space Bar on your keyboard or the "Fire" button to shoot."

"Way of the Ninja Pig Game
 Reach the end of the course before time expires! Be careful of obstacles to avoid getting knocked off the track. Use your arrow keys to move your pet back and forth and from side to side. "

Also, there are new elixirs in the Crowns Shop!
Hatching Elixir - hatches all eggs in backpack
Purreau's Potion #9 - resets hatching timer

Next, there is another way to get mega snacks, that might make me start playing Ranked anything! Broc Connery is now selling high-end pet snacks for Arena tickets! Awesome right?


New arenas have been added! You may find yourself in a Celestia, Wysteria, Zafaria, or Avalon themed arena next time you PvP! I will be making a larger post on these. 
Also, Diego has new rewards! 

Finally, I Think That's It...

All of this information was found here, and there is even more that I am just too tired to post about.

Keep Traveling, but I'll take a nap now..


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