More Pirate101 Pictures!


While I prepare a more information-packed post, I'm going to tempt you post a few more screenshots from Pirate101 and write a bit about them. For the duration of my pre-launch P101 picture posts, I'm going to bring back the quickwrite segment at the end (NOT Skyway Light).

Questing Updates

I have been sailing through Skull Island and its relative towns for a few days now, and I think I may be close to going somewhere new(er) - I got the quest to tackle the Presidio last night! I did go in, but had to leave on a short notice near the end.
Ehm, if anybody wants to do a Presidio run with me, that would be wonderful.

 This first picture is of Blaze Shadowhorn and I (RDR and BBL) in the Presidio. Blaze at this point was level two, but we still managed quite nicely until he had to leave, when I started to constantly die.
Also, if you look at me, I have new gear - which I got from defeating Waponi ships entirely.
 This was maybe the best NPC quote that I've seen so far - I'm really loving how KI is implementing a backstory into this game. In Wizard101, we're just there, no clues depict how we got there or where we came from; in P101, your Pirate's skills and such depend on your backstory!

 Look what the boss dropped!

Haha, kudos go to my dad today - he brought this home! He calls it a "Robin Hood" Shortsword, and this is the sheathed crosspiece. If only I could equip this in game; I'd rule the skyways!
On the pommel (or is it the button?), it says "Earl of Huntington" on one side and "Robin of Locksley" on the other.


Destiny pressed both of her palms against the table, not bothering to look for a barrel or (even better) a stool.  Sweat seeped through my hairline and down my nose in the humidity of Skull Island - it was perhaps something that the swashbuckler wouldn't get used to. Tilting her head up a fraction, she didn't notice even a sign of fatigue on her crew. Subodai murmured to himself in a language that Destiny couldn't recognize - maybe something Mooshan? He passed a vial of oil to Sara Steele by sliding it across the table, between bottles of Yum and various maps. Sara didn't need to think twice, and she caught it in her paw, unsheathing both of her blades. 
A faint humming noise echoed from the back of the room. Bonnie Anne checked her reflection in the glare of her sparkshooter. By the looks of it, she was smiling. Of course, it had been a good day for Bonnie, having upgraded her sparkshooter and battled with it. Looking back down at the table, Destiny reached to slide a boxed-off map, and she cleared her throat.
"OK guys, listen up; Here's the plan. When we get into the Presidio, we have to get to those spices and get out. I suggest that we go in pairs to different places. Now, the battle sequence should be something like this.." Destiny started pointing to the map, and with a piece of gritty charcoal began drawing arrows.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that!