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Hey everybody, I'm back at home and a bit jetlagged; the flight back was smooth but a little loud. On the plane, I had a pen and about ten sheets of paper, folded to fit into my carry-on (which I wouldn't call a purse but more like a handbag). My mind was on Pirate101 both ways, and so I started writing. Here is what I have so far, and I wanted you guys to check for any plotting errors and/or fact confusion, also if it flows OK.

"And then, Dagger called me a snake. A filthy, traitorous snake! Can ye believe that, Bonnie? Honestly!" Sarah Steele put her paws on her hips and shook her head, grinning. Raising a mug of Yum to her lips, Bonnie Anne chuckled with a slight muffle. she wiped her snout with her sleeve and set the Yum down on the long table, littered with maps and bits of dry candlewax.
Across the room, two weapons clashed against one another, drawing sparks; one sword large and wide, the other object a long axe. Bearing the sword was Subodai, proud horse samurai hailing from Mooshu, his chestplate newly shined. The owner of the axe was none other than Gaspard De Vole of valencia, age whitening his whiskers but in his eyes a young guinea pig.
"You've gained strength, Subodai - no?" Subodai turned and swept his sword out, only to be stopped by Gaspard's axe, and the samurai smiled.
"One cannot tell on his own," Subodai said, dipping his head. Gaspard began laughing, but stopped abruptly. with the sudden silence from Gaspard, Bonnie and and Sarah both silenced and turned to the stairs leading up to the Majestic Rogue's deck. Subodai outstretched his sword towards the opening and Bonnie cocked her Scaramanga musket with a familiar click. The fast, small footsteps down the stairs for faster and faster, it seemed. The entire group prepared to advance in, until they saw the face of their captain; ruthless Destiny Rackham. She sported a gold and blue longcoat, topped with a tightly knotted bandanna. Her boots made barely any noise.
"Sarah do you have those new - "
"Stilettos?" Sarah referred to her satchelbag and sent both daggers evenly soaring through the humid air; and, with a step forward, Rackham caught them both with only the skill of a swashbuckler.
"Tthey're back for Soult." Rackham barked. Bonnie choken down a gulp of Yum, and stood up.
"The sword of Alura Soultamer!? The wizard's sword!?" Bonnie exclaimed. "Ye said on Flotsam that ye got rid of that cursed blade! We should've never meddled with the wizard!" Rackham grit her teeth and drew circles with her foot.
"The armada will be here any minute, I saw their ship in the distance." The crew either gasped or rolled their eyes at the mention of the Armada.
"Well, no matter." Sarah balled one of her paws into a fist. "So long as we fight, no clockwork soldier will get the best of the Rogue. And, that sword is in no way cursed - use yer eyes, Bonnie, ye're at yer prime!"
"We shall not waste any more time." Subodai stood impatiently at the exit.
"You heard him. For the sword!"Murmurs of agreement filled the room as the Rogue's crew darted into the open. Rackham stood behind, watching the last of her crew leave. I have to get Soult out and hidden. Now. She sheathed her stilettos and crept towards a silver chest, opening it with a dainty lift (for a pirate). a gleaming shortsword's pommel reflected light in Destiny's eyes. she slid the sword out as it pulsated in her hand.
"A wizard's sword, you're beautiful." Rackham smiled.
"It is quite stunning." Destiny latched Soult to her her belt and drew her stilettos, turning to face someone familiar.
"Hello, Deacon." Destiny reared back, holding both daggers at the ready.
"Give me the sword."
"Oh Deacon, you never have time to chat, do you?" Still low, Destiny sidestepped out of the chest's corner. Deacon reached for his sparkshooter, and Destiny stood teller, arms tensed.
"I can see the fear in your eyes, Rackham. Give me the sword, pirate, or -"
"Or what; throw me in the barge again? Shove me in front of Kane?" Destiny bared her shoulders, and took glances at the sparkshooter. On its polished surface, Destiny could still see the face scared stiff back in Jonah town  with her rusty metal rod and tattered clothing. she could still hear Mark Reade slump to the ground, and the sounds of the cannons on the barge when she couldn't find him in the cells.
"Not bad ideas, you're more clever than I had last seen. Nighty-night." Deacon shoved the barrel of his gun towards Rackham's chest, and she reared back into the wall.
With a jerk, Sarah Steele drove her sword down, causing a spring in the clockwork's arm to roll out and away. she turned her nose towards the crew's quarters, and heard a sharp bang along with the first one. Tripping over the stairs, Sarah crashed through the door, only to meet deacon's gun. Sarah dared to look over deacon's shoulder, to see Destiny on her hands and knees, elbows threatening to collapse and her breathing was heavy. As one arm gave out, Sarah turned back to Deacon.
"She's no ordinary Swashbuckler, eh? Neither am I!" Steele raised her sword as Deacon cocked his gun and took careful aim.


So, there is more, but I am not as confident in it as I am in these pages. Evaluating it before posting, I notice that this is a bit sloppier than what I could make on land than in the air. Also, I was typing with the paper over my screen, so please excuse all spelling/grammar errors.

Keep Traveling!


  1. WOW, that is really great :D. I love how you made Bonnie Anne's accent like it is in the game :). Great job, and can't wait to read more of it ;D


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