Boochitis: How to Recover

The Majestic Rogue
Here's the scenario. You're standing in front of the Presidio (or somewhere like that) for the "eleventy billionth" time that day, wondering how you're ever going to get through it, until you hear about Boochbeard's auto-leveling quest. Well, sounds like a good idea. Well, it's a good idea mainly if you have Cool Ranch downloaded already.

Here's the next scenario. Let's say that you DON'T have it loaded, and there you are in Skull Island with popups crowding your screen. I dub thee infected with Boochitis, the case of auto-leveling confusion. LUCKILY, I have things past chicken soup and cold medicine for you.

Having been under the windlanes with Boochitis for a few days, I know that the first thing that you are going to say will be along the lines of THIS;
Not me or anyone I know
You will have a LOT of companions (suddenly) and will have two new ships, and new gear; heads up, Swashbucks - the hat is currently red and WC-style (meaning that at least on my lappie it is glitched). Also, if you're stuck on Skull Island, you're most likely to be overwhelmed, too. Here's what I suggest doing:

Bonnie on screen, promo-Sarah to the left of the popup
  1. Head for Skull Mountain and test out your new skills on Troggies. It will be the fastest way to learn the ins and outs of your new self. I also suggest rotating your new companions (before heading to number 2) to find a good strategy or two. I suggest that you keep your favorite companion from before Boochitis hit near you just in case, so you can find a way out. 
  2. Yes, you have a LOT of companions and a LOT of training points for them. As a Swashbuckler, I decided to stick with my initial plan of Sarah Steele and Bonnie Anne as my two mains, though it changed as I explored in #1. So far; Sarah, Bonnie, and Ratbeard have all asked me to talk to them in tavern cellars to promote them. I have upgraded Bonnie and Sarah - it's absolutely worth it! I trained so many new talents for Sarah that she can battle back and forth with an enemy until it is knocked out, in one turn sometimes! 
  3. Get on your ships/raft, and get as lost as you can possibly get! I DON'T suggest using your map, it's good to know by experience to which paths go to which Skyways and which Windlanes steer you into sharks. Sometimes, that's even good - time to test out your ship! Take a stop everywhere and try out the local enemies, get a feel for what they're about. Plus, this can sharpen your skill. If you were truly in my case (Presidio), then I suggest defeating Waponis first to get a firm standing.  
  4. Buy a mount from the crowns shop (the manta ray looks quite impressive in this game), and hustle over! Take the first stormgate that you can find as you sail through Skull Island and its neighbor Skyways. Use your eyes to find your way to Cool Ranch, it's pretty darn obvious. 
Well, my guess is that you are probably in the Silver Spur Saloon, awaiting my next ti[ if you have gotten this far. I can happy that you have made a full recovery from Boochitis, and that you know what to do if it strikes again. Still, take some chicken soup as you return to the game, it does everybody well (in my opinion).

Keep Traveling!

Oh? You're still here? You don't have a question, do you? Ah well, this post deserves a little bit of explaining.

Ahoy from the East Coast! It's 1 AM home time and I'm busy typing up a LOT of things at night. I actually connected to the internet A.O.K. and am chatting with KU and making sure things still work while I'm taking a break. I respond to important e-mails, otherwise you'll receive my vaca. notice, for I decided to take a break from a few things for the weekend. I'm still here because this isn't a job, it's my second life and I can't cut it off. I spend time with my IRLs (In real lifeies) and my NIRLs (Not in real lifeies) and I can't leave them behind for a simple trip because I wouldn't my IRLs (I'd stay on the phone).


  1. Yeah, those companion promotions can be super helpful! It's those Epic talents that set one companion apart from another, and you get two from promotions!

    I had Double Tap and a special move for Bonnie Anne, and trained Overwatch and Burst Fire after the promotion. Now she's one of my favorites! She can get Overwatch, and follow it with Burst Fire, and then defeat and enemy and get Double Tap, or it might happen in a different order. Anyway, she can be useful.

    Based on promotions and such, my first mate is always changing. Right now it's my Ronin - my very first companion. He's now got a variety of useful Epics, and can do damage upward of 120 on average.

    I'll have to be sure to avoid Boochitus! :)

  2. Hey Swordroll,
    Thanks for stopping by - your comment really made my day! I'm going to start training up a few of my newer companions (like Old Scratch - been wondering about him), I hope that they prove to be useful! I don't have a Privateer companion yet, or at least I don't think; I'll be on the lookout.


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