Ball and Bash Coverage - Straight From Soultamer! (Part 1)

3:40 AM
Hey, everybody; Des here. I've been camping in Ravenwood for six hours or more, and I've been trying to sleep, with no luck. Camping with me are Tasha Sparkleheart, John LifeGlen (or at least his spinning name) Jack Dawnsong, and the spinning Terri Spell. I've been num-lock running into a corner for this entire time, laughing and chatting and asking for sleep tips. No Jack, I could not lift my leg over my head.

9:12 AM
Okay, so the party has gotten a bit bigger, more people that I recognize have showed up. :) I danced for maybe an hour and then went pet hatching, only to get another starfish.

1:00 PM
Party is definitely growing, and we all had a blast! Pictures are as follows:
Dance Line!!

Back View



Fire Elf Race

Also, Paige MoonShade and Finnigan TaleThief hosted Ravenwood trivia contests, and I won a mega snack pack! I'm going to use it to train my ghost dragon.

3:05 PM
Split into mini-parties
Group Pic

Group Pic II

At Swordroll's Party
3:48 PM
More picture party mishmosh.

group (this will be special)

Proof that I did meet Stephen SpiritCaller and Fallon ShadowBlade!
3:56 - I conclude this part :)


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