Zafarian Madness, Part 3

That's right, still in Zamunda! I'm questing to get into the King's Tomb, right now defeating Longdreamer Shamans for dust to light braziers.  I'm questing mainly on my own, but I have gotten boss help as I needed it. I saved another student, which makes the list lack one more student, Professor Umlilo, and the elephant person whose title I can't remember.
What I found interesting about the students is that they all had accents, which made me wonder where they were from. All the accents sounded British to me, but I'm not going to say they are until I have a better lead on it. Then, I noticed how the teachers in Ravenwood all had different backgrounds and homelands, and they all came to Ravenwood to teach. It reminds me of the United Nations**, back in the IRL reality - people from everywhere coming together to better the world around them.

Also recently, I attended a few parties and get-togethers; one yesterday where I met Sean DragonFlame, the Strong Sorcerer. Sean was going to leave the Spiral, and made his goodbye post on his partner blog The Balanced Blizzard. I left a nice comment bidding him farewell and good luck. Several hours later, Sean looked through his posts and my comment, and decided to return. I met up with him in-game for a little Welcome Back party.
Not sure who the wiz in green is, but we had a good time.

This morning, as I woke up, I joined a medley of friends to celebrate Stephen SpiritCaller's birthday; and (goshdarnit) it was a blast! I tried to win the Scavenger Hunt game a few times, and then ended up just hanging out with the crowd. We took several group pictures, and I got to ride a Hydra. Also, I met a staffmember on KU; Mark SilverSword! Mark gifted me a Knight's Hoard pack just because (I'd gift you back, Mark! I need crowns first), and I got the Deer Knight spell!
Look at that turnout!

(Sorry about no Skyway Light posts for a while - this Summer, I have been playing a LOT of tennis and been out and about. The rest of my time is practicing the piano, blogging/gaming, and working on school things.)

Well, that's it from me!
Keep Traveling!

** The United Nations page that I used is the kid-friendly version, due to content on the official page. If you Google search "United Nations Home" then you should be directed to the official site.