Zafarian Madness, Day 2

Yep, I've been questing a LOT these days, I'm already in Zamunda! This is going pretty fast for me, I'm leveling like crazy, and even got new gear to celebrate! I'm happy to be in Zamunda, mind the fact that I have to defeat a lot of Greyhorn Mercenaries all the time. I actually have been developing a good mob strategy that only takes up a third of my health, max. Gotta thank all the nice people who have let me join battles, run dungeons, and just have a nice chat. Props!

That's Teamwork, For You! 

Today's topic was one I briefly mentioned in my intro. Without a solid team of friends, I found bosses to be hard, and dungeons to be harder. I wanted to point out a few things that I've seen in good teams.
Game Plan
Knowledge of Restrictions
(like when I had problems getting Angel)
  • Communication - This is probably the base of a team, being able to talk to one another efficiently. With communication, you must be able to ask a team-mate to perhaps do a certain action ("Can you blade me?") or take instructions from a team-mate ("Hold up, that shield will trigger the cheat."). Efficiently means that you can get through the battle without arguing or being unable to talk to a member. On my recent travels, I had to go back to using menu chat to converse with my team. We left the battle highly victorious, and I went on with a few good friends! Communication, I didn't mean to stress is a friend-maker, but it can go a long way!
  • Game Plan - I remember when I quested alongside Paige Daisypetal, we'd change our decks every quest to reflect the battles. I , to solo in Zafaria, keep mine down to a giant, blade, blizzard, another blade, and vengeance, as well as a reshuffle. Paige uses the same technique, except Ra and extra Ra. Knowing what your team-mates have in mind for attacks is essential to shortening your battle time - especially when it comes to universal traps like Hex and Feint, and blades like balance blade. Paige Daisypetal and I had good times sharing screens during battles, so she could stop yelling "I don't have a Judgement!!".
  • Knowledge of Restrictions - (Thank you, Ria! ^.^) I remember helping friends in Celestia...maybe when I was back in Mooshu. I remember very keenly that they kept asking for a Frost Giant, and got mad when I said that I hadn't learned it. They asked why I was here then, which was because they sort of asked me to help. A good team will know the restrictions of their team-mates and not confront them in battle. Of course, asking is fine; but the best teams I've been in wouldn't make a big fuss over it. 

Universe Updates

Thank you!
Thank you!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH, to everybody who's applied for an account and for staff positions! I've made so many new friends who have joined! Here is a list of new staff members:
Chris Drakeflame (mod)
Galaxy (mod)
Smileyface, an old friend of mine (mod)
Mark Silversword (mod)
Gem of the Spiral (mod)
A Deadly Pirate (mod)
The Country Gamer (updater)
Ian Stormstaff (Head of Support) 
We still need:
Graphic Designers
General Staff
I am happy to take in a few editors, too! 
So far, one of the best updates is that we have temporary forums set up (Yippee!!) for members to post on! Find them under More - Member's Club - The Forums until we get a button for them! Also, we are at 21 members and counting, THANK YOU to all who have joined! 

Well, that's it for today! Swashbuckler Soultamer, o'er and out!

Keep Traveling!


  1. You had no trouble in the suvannah? I am surprised... Anyway, thx for mentioning me!! :)

  2. Hey Smiles - awesome, you got a blogger account! My strategy works well, mind the fact that I critical a bit more than expected. Any time, too; glad to have you on staff!

  3. No problem! I was just surprised because EVERYONE complains about the fire lion ravagers in the suvannah... Even I complained about them :P anyway, good luck in zamunda!! :)


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