Zafaria, ho!

Hello! Even though I promised a news-y post today, it was turning into a rant, so I decided to quest a little bit instead.

 Anyhow, My Zafarian adventures began today, with a nice visit to Sir Reginald Baxby and Professor Falmea. Unlike past attempts for different ones, I got my Spiral key rather easily, and got to talk to Baxby for the first time! I rushed home, totally forgot about my plants, and rushed to Zafaria!

 I was amazed at what I saw. I have always been fascinated by Afrian culture, and Zafaria made me jump for joy. I could go on and on about the music, the interesting voiceovers, and the character of the NPCs. The NPCs to talk to...I just fell in love with! Like in this picture, Lethu Blunthoof just has a personality the more I talked with him, even though it was rather sour.
Also today, I faced my first highly-anticipated collection quest, with a lot of success! I'm starting to critical a LOT of my spells, and life's been pretty sweet in that way. My deck organization is pretty accurate, and my starfish is casting ice-trap every six battles or so, which is pretty good.
I'm not the first to complain about this, but I tried to buy gear today. I had saved gold for two months and thought 160,000 gold would cover everything. How wrong I was. I think that, for gear, I'm just going to wear/dye whatever is dropped in battle, so I can save gold for things that won't drop as often, like wands. (very fascinated by wands)


So, I'm going to bulletpoint the news before I start rambling, because the post I tried to make on just news wasn't very pretty. 
  • new Knight's Hoard, with adorable pets
  • Pagoda Gauntlet and Majestic Bundle officially released
  • Too many darned hoard and bundles!! 

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Skyway Light

I ran into a corner with my plot, so I need to backtrack a little. 

Keep Traveling!