The Word on KingsIsle Universe

Here's what I'll be covering today.

  • Destiny and questing
  • News of KIU and KIC, as well as an important notice about the both of them (feature)
  • A concept that I found, and that I'm reflecting on. 

KI Universe and KI Clubhouse

Being me, always wanting to hear from friends, I checked my e-mail late last night. KU had sent me a nice e-mail about their site, and an official support badge, which is now on display. Looking up, I noticed that whoever had sent it had forgotten to BCC it. Oh well, I thought, not really caring.

However, some people did care.

Around on Twitter*, many began calling this message spam. Before I start blabbering, I'll show you the post on our backup blog:

"A few members of the community have some good questions and issues with our site name and our latest email forwarding. We would like everyone to know that the Email Forwarding was a mistake on behalf of Ria and Justin. We did not understand the CC/BCC in the email option and decided to put them in the top. It was a harmless mistake, but a mistake nontheless. We do hope no one sees us a spam, but as a fansite trying to get out there.  We do know that becoming Official is not a option, but it doesn't mean we can't  open up our fansite. Iit was just a dream of few of our members.

Also, Kingsisle Universe's name isn't dangerous. We explained to Kingsisle it was for our site as a general thing so we can pinpoint 2 games within the Kingsisle company, Wizard101 and Pirate101. We have stated that we do not speak on behlf of Kingsisle nor associated with them, BUT, Kingsisle does own all the pictures and information that we have gained about their two games.  We just wanted a good name for our fansite. If the name eventually does cause problems, KU will think of a different name for the website. It's not that difficult.

Lastly, to the tweets about Insider and Courtney. Courtney did steal content, which I'm terribly sorry for. I didn't know that she was stealing content until I got a look at Central's forums for the first time. I'm terribly sorry for it. Courtney is not about of our staff anymore due to the recent problems. I, Iflamegurl, haven't figured my wrongings with the forum. If I did anything wrong on my part, I am sorry for that as well. I didn't mean to upset anyone or anything. I know Insider does have a bad name. I just don't know how to clear the name. I just wish to ask you to reconsider our website and forum. It would mean so much.

Thank you for Listening! Take care
-Ria Drake(Founder of Kingsisle Universe)"

Thanks to support from many people, and an apology that I wrote to the recipients, KIC is no longer at risk of shutting down any time soon. Ria e-mailed KI and we got the OK for our name, everything is fine. In the meantime, we love new members even more than we used to (and if you have already signed up, you know that's a lot), and it would be great if you supported KIU/KIC (KIU is back in "alpha") by mentioning us before the release of KIU which is still to be determined. We are VERY sorry about the accident involving the BCC/CC, and it won't happen again! 

Please check out Clubhouse!    Please know that Clubhouse is not associated with KU. Thank you.

New Concept!

Today I was looking around and saw J. Todd Coleman's Facebook page**, and I found some concept art! The great turtle of Mooshu:
(Cool, right!?) 

This is starting to make me think a bit though. Is this a part of Mooshu, or is this the solution to what Mooshu rests on? On the right, you see a few cliffs, could one of them be that mountain I keep remembering in Mooshu? And the water, where does it come from, and where does it land? I know there a lot of endless waterfalls in W101, but I'm really curious now that I see this. And look at the turtle, it's old. I mean, turtles and the like can grow to be very old, but will this play out in the storyline? Maybe a band of rogues are doing something that could hurt the poor thing.I hope the Skyway and Windlanes around it contrast the pink-purple glow if I get to them, maybe lime green? I don't know. What do you have to say about it? Leave me a comment!

Frustration (it happens to all of us)

Sadly, I'm not level 60 yet. I'm a few bars away, and I'm working SO hard to get them filled. I'll be working on a sidequest in Stormriven that gives me just under the amount of exp I need (which I'll gain from the battles). Paige Daisypetal, my questing buddy, is level 60 thanks to her Trial run today with me and two Goldrivers (two of Swordroll's wizards - Jason and Fred). She is waiting for me to hurry up though, sorry...
We'll be questing together on the sidequest though.

Also, wanted to shout out to a new reader, and an old friend of mine, who has been on my list since maybe Marleybone at the latest - Welcome Blaze MythWraith! Feel free to look around, amigo! 

(On the story, I am preparing a few parts in advance, so hold up until I have at least a few more pages down.)

Keep Traveling!