The Truth

All of you who know, know. All of you who don't, don't. Live with it. I got cyberbullied since January as Destiny Soultamer, but today marks a new era for Travels, a new era for F2D, and a new era for me. Learn from the experiences of failure and you can begin to prosper from the pain. Don't burrow too deep in anything without a ladder and a friend.

In Other News

When I'm not questing with Paige Daisypetal, I have found a new pastime: Malistaire runs! I love helping other players with this dungeon, as I farm and become a better battler. There are a lot of Ice enemies, and my techniques have gotten SO much better. I plan to be able to defend myself better in CL if I get caught without Paige (we used to be very dependent). I feel very accomplished. Congratulations to Alexander GoldHeart and Alexandria IceRider for their first successful Malistaire runs! Have fun in Celestia!

Keep Traveling! (research before flight!!)
Destiny (weird, using my full name more)


  1. I am sorry you have been hurt by cyber bullying, it is something that happens much to often to people these days. And could I join one of those Malistaire runs? Thanks :)

  2. People can cyber bully other people for secret reasons or stuff that happens at home.There parents could be fighting or they are having problems with people at school, you did the right thing but you can also ignore them and walk away once they get bored of bullying you then you can tell an adult.That is just one of the many ways to stop someone from bullying you.


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