The Art of Soloing

Questing News

Basically, I'm still questing in Zamunda, just got access to the Magician's House, where I found a giant bug - and a student. I haven't battled it yet, but I will when I find someone to lend me a hand. What I'm really enjoying is the soundtrack, how sometimes I can pinpoint certain instruments in the music, like marimbas (I think) in Zamunda, and how amazing the vocalists are in the Savannah. 

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The Art of Solo Battles 

When I first played this game, I soloed all the way through Wizard City, without help from anybody at any time. I played in Krokotopia until I ran out of crowns. Around then, I encouraged my friend to play, and we became inseparable questing buddies. We blasted through Mooshu, Dragonspyre, much of Grizzleheim & Wysteria, and Celestia. When we began that world, more things started popping up in our lives, like (to name a few) lessons, daily tasks (just because we went bazaar-ing in game doesn't mean that we went grocery shopping at the same time) and blogging (which was in no way a problem problem). 

After Celestia, though we still helped one another (a LOT), we are now questing on our own, which I call "assisted questing" as in I could solo much of it, but ask for help as I needed it, rather than "buddy questing" or, once an option, "henchman questing". I got through Baobab Market/Savannah in three days, and Zamunda is approaching a finishing time of five days. I'm not saying that this is better, though. 

 As an Ice wizard, I am able to take a bit of damage, thus making my solo battles without any heals other than Spritely and my "emergency" amulet Satyr. Prisms are also added as I need them. Basically, if I can land a critical Frost Giant with a blade and gear boost, then I can deal around 3,000 damage, lickety-split. Kill all the enemies, move on. My main problems are with bosses, and with Earthquakes.

What I find essential in a solo battle is a good order of what you're going to do. I either:
Blade, Vengeace, Blizzard, replace Blade, pass, replace Vengeance, pass, Frost Giant
Blade, Vengeace, Frost Giant, replace Blade, pass, replace Vengeance, pass, Blizzard
These two techniques make the battle clean and simple. No traps to be taken by others, and I ignore Weaknesses.

Instead of letting your team, you're the one thinking about what an enemy is going to do next. Instead of having one person work on defense and another  healing, you're doing it all. It reminds me of a friend who tried to do that, with a too varied strategy, which resulted in a crazy battle and getting defeated. It (no bashing intended, no offence intended, anything hurtful that I didn't cover IS NOT INTENDED) also reminds me of the Balance school; how they have so many kinds of spells to choose from, that it can get a bit hard to decide on a deck. My strategy works so I can get in and out of battles quickly and just about unharmed.

Since I work with "assisted soloing", I'm not buying henchmen as I need them, nor am I waiting for/catching up to questing buddies. I don't designate a person to help, I just ask around my friends list if anybody wants to help me, and if someone wants to, then they port in me! It's a joy, simply. :-)

KU News

Gee, whiz! We have gained SO much staff that I can't list them all without forgetting or mentioning someone twice! I love all the hard work put into the site, thanks so much everybody!

Jobs in demand:
Forum Designer 
Editors (team) (2)
Support (team) (2)
Updaters (team) (2)
Wizard101 Insider Moderators (team) (1)
Pirate101 Voyager Moderators (team) (2)

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  1. Great post :D, I now a wizard named Tara Windwalker who soloed Trial of the Spheres :o.


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