Scrambling for Screenshots, and Story Continued!

Hello! even though I'm on a trip, there was no avoiding checking W101 when the sun went down. The entire room, or maybe the entire motel, was very quiet and too dark, so I used my laptop for light. I almost squealed when a friend told me to port.
"Destiny? Wassup, you have to see this."

And yes, I had to wait for loading. (And while I'm here, all data in this post I wrote is from here)

Thankfully, I quickly loaded the Tower of Winter Winds, from none other than the Majestic Bundle! Gee whiz!

The contents of the Majestic Bundle are as follows:

*Tower of Winter Winds (house)
*Malorian 2-Person Dragon Mount (Labeled Arthurian Dragon on card)
*Silver Lance of Daybreak (wand)
*True Silver Armor
*Strange Beast Pet
*1 Month or 5000 Crowns

Looks like a nicely packed bundle to me. Although we have seen the Strange Beast pet in packs, it's no wonder KI removed it in the latest update; so they could include it here!

In these two pictures, I found two interactive items: The Horn of Plenty, where I got a fairly good snack (rank 7) and some gold, best interactive giftgiver I've
encountered. :) The other one is the Magic Mirror, which leads to near the front, the dueling circle (where I ended up) and a dungeon (which I didn't visit, I was short on time and (title allowing) scrambling. I really enjoyed the layout of this house, the design was very Avalonian, which I enjoy.

The outside, however, shocked me: it was snowy! could this house get any better!? I thought this was just the perfect climate for me, and I am definitely saving for this bundle! I stopped briefly by the PvP ring, it was SO crowded, and I couldn't read any names!

This house is connected by teleporter pads, which I never see anymore. Like the ones that would take you to upper Triton Avenue, and KT's secret shop, these teleporter pads led around the house! I don't think I got to try them all; I was so short on time!

 Check it OUT! The moat around this castle has been frozen over! I've heard rumors of sharks, but I didn't see any. I ran around the moat for a while, and then found a teleporter back to the head of the house, where I had a nice view.

 Thanks to my data source, I found the level 80+ stats for the gear.

Wand - Silver Lance of Daybreak (Level 80+)
+2% Armor Piercing
+45 Block Rating
+45 Critical Rating
+1 Power Pip
Gives Six Cards - Super Rage (Life - 130 damage)

Hat - True Silver Helmet (Level 80+)
+375 Max Health
+6% Power Pip Chance
+2% Armor Piercing
+48 Critical Rating
+11% Damage
+7% Incoming Healing
Gives One Card - Colossal (+300 Damage to one spell)

Robe - True Silver Armor (Level 80+)
+510 Max Health
+5% Power Pip Chance
+18 Block Rating
+13% Damage
+10% Resistance
+6% Incoming Healing
Gives One Card - Extraordinary (+35% accuracy and +20% armor piercing to one spell)

Boots - True Silver Boots (Level 80+)
+225 Max Health
+8% Power Pip Chance
+3% Armor Piercing
+73 Block Rating
+9% Damage
+6% Outgoing Healing
Gives One Card - Leviathan (Storm - 1150 and remove two blades)

 The bundle also comes with a two-person Malorian Dragon Mount! Can't wait to see these!

These last two pictures, mind I tell it, tell a story. In the first picture, I am about to leave the house and start a post (note that when I saw the crowd of familiar people, I changed my gear), when out of the corner of my screen, I saw a few chat bubbles; one by a good friend of mine: Jason GoldRiver! I messaged him with a "haha, thought you'd be here" or something like that...and he invited me to join him and his friends out back.

Who did I find? Gee whiz, I found Jason, Diana WildHeart, Kelsey FireHeart, and Cody RavenThorn! Everybody was so nice, and I was laughing at my own nervousness at one point! Unfortunately, I could only stay for a few minutes, and then I wanted to watch the beach sunset, IRL.
Great seeing all of you! ^.^

Well, this house tops my list of favorites!

Story, cont. 

This is what I imagined LaFitte's ship to look like.
I was thinking of taking the story I was writing on to a post-ly basis, at the ends of my posts ^.^ Let's see how this works. This is continued from my last post.
Even though the air was raising goosebumps on my calves, I stayed on deck. Never again did I, nor Daniel, want to see any part of a ship below Sky Level. Even as night fell, I stayed outside, laying on my back, counting the stars as the ship sailed by. Captain LaFitte brought out a Swashbuckler-style coat and hat, which were much better - and much warmer - than the rags I came in. My shoes were still in fine condition, but I took them off. Barefoot, in my opinion, was always better. Daniel didn't agree with that, and he kept his boots on. In fact, he might have been sleeping by that point. A wisp of black weaved between his fingers, and I gasped. The gasp screeched loud in the silence of the evening, and it still echoes in my head. I shook Daniel awake, and the wisp left. 
"Practicing Hoodoo much, Dan?" I couldn't possibly avoid my accent, nor did I care. Daniel groggily looked up at me.
"Not in the barge. Go back to sleep." Daniel rolled over and started snoring.
Obnoxious, how do you think I'll sleep now!? I groaned and stood up, filing down a stairway, towards the gleaming Skyway. I had to look closer.


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