Result of the Quickwrite

Oh hey!
Not only did the quickwrite here go into Johnny's contest, but it came out as FIRST PLACE! Thanks so much, Johnny; and great job everybody - I read through all the stories, and I don't know how I came into first! Today's post also honors the next segment of SKYWAY LIGHT, the title of my quickwrite series! :) Enjoy!

“STOP THIS INSTANT!” I heard the same patter of footsteps towards me, just many years back. Turning around, I lost track of where my father had fled. I wielded the glistening blade and the dust on it seemed to fly off as I held it upright. I swept the blade in front of me, creating a radius of space between me and the Armada. I turned a circle doing the same action, creating a 30 square foot circle around myself. Thanks to peripheral vision, I saw one soldier draw a pistol. I bit my lower lip and took a single step in my circle, knocking the pistol out of the soldier's grip.
“What, may I ask, brings the party? Did I miss the memo?” I seemed to squeak, a ball of quick-talking and what felt like fire burning in the back of my head. “And I do believe this is my sword that I just reclaimed, thanks.” The soldier growled, and I lunged forward.

“Extraordinary.” Lafitte whispered, patting my shoulder. I regained awareness to see a mess of bones before me, the fog taking all other things out of sight. There was a 30-square-foot circle around me, mind the part where Morgan trudged through the bones to get to me. In the misty distance, I could see the violet-orange tinge of the Skyway floating calmly above the edge of the ship.
“How far are we from the barge?” I whispered, as to not disturb the silent day. I glanced down at my free (sword-less) hand and studied its scabs and blisters. Morgan took my notion and handed me my scabbard and sling.
“The barge is a ship, too. It be close-by, or on the other side o' the Spiral. Some say it doesn't even end there, that there's more...not that we'd be botherin' to look.” One day, I promised myself, I will look there, and map everything seen. 

Miscellaneous Updates:
  • due to the plot creation, Destiny does not have a last name anymore
Also, as a result of getting first (1-3 places got this prize), I won 5,000 Crowns! I need to make a decision, quick! Either:
Spend it on myself so I can get henchmen to help me with battling Volkir RimeAxe, so I can get Snow Angel, OR save it for a possible blogoversary contest. Comment with any (comments...and) opinions! ^.^

Keep Traveling!


  1. Its really your choice XD. You could maybe use it on your self and use half of it up, and buy stuff for the contest for gifting with the other half. Its really your call lol

  2. I would use it on yourself. Henchmen are very useful especially when you get to some of those harder bosses in Zafaria! Or maybe just buy a couple of Hydra Hoards!


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