PvP, Fun With Glitches, and Whatever Comes to Mind

Hello! I have several topics today, and I can't wait to write!

For the moment, I have no cool intro, so please enjoy this screenshot of me in the Wysterian Villa! I am saving to buy it, halfway there!

Today I'll be posting a memoir in PvP etiquette, my first time on the actual edge of Elik's Edge, and whatever comes to mind next.

PvP Etiquette, a Memoir

The last time I had been seriously PvPing was no less than eight months ago. Here and there I'd convince Paige to battle me, and I had once battled alongside Talon Nightshade in Ranked, but today I stepped into the practice area (because I wasn't confident of my PvPing) alone to face whatever approached me in Quick Join. 
Lesson of the day: Don't try quick join. At least for me, my battles were all unfairly matched, and I could have taken out the competition in four turns. Ye-ouch. 
Why hadn't I PvPed in such a long time? Well, if you know me really well, you'll know that it's hard for me to put up with rude people. When I PvPed during a crownless month (back when I used Crowns), it was normally filled with around-the-filter swearing back when it wasn't SO taken care of. I faced a bit of insulting just because I was a low level (who, in that time, PvPed so much that I could have taken out a level 30, big deal for me), and because I was Ice, which is just mean.  I haven't ignored so many people since.
However, today I equipped too many tower shields and stun/blocks, and flounced in to watch a quick match to 'warm up', only to see this.
I can't lie when I say that I applauded. That chat was a total contrast of what I would normally hear back then. ("Forget your minions? Oops, you don't have one.") I arrived at the arena just in time to see Jacob get single-hit with a Woolly Mammoth. Timothy was very courteous. Hats off!
This is the result of one of my matches:
Travis fled early when he was killed, Jessica left right before getting killed. Not too bad. I used Menu Chat the entire time, like in the old days. Brought back a lot. Kane and I worked together quite well despite the fact that we never text chatted a word to one another. I'm glad I still remember how to communicate effectively with Menu Chat bubbles, it is a useful skill the more I think about it. It's a little bit (but not too much) harder than you think.

Fun With Glitches

What a nice title, still happy about that. Anyhow, when I was looking for a PvP match after the one I just posted, my IRL friend Tyler Rubyweaver (Ty) teleported to me and we started chatting about Evil Magma Peas and pet hatching; how pet talents hate me, but pea drops love me. I started tending to my garden, and a few minutes later, Ty told me to port and see something cool.
Ty hatched for my monkey
Gee whiz! I had only heard about Elik's Edge, and actually being ON the edge! A crowd of twenty was on the ledge, laughing, and telling jokes. 
What I didn't like was the one guy who demanded that everybody give him a treasure card if they wanted to stay. Of course, he never got the best of me, and apparently anybody else either. Hahaha...

Oh Yeah, the Picture Swordroll Posted...

Since I'm not really into social networking via Twitter and Facebook, I get all of my W101 FB and Twitter info from other bloggers, and one of Swordroll's posts caught my eye. When I was working on F2D, I had a tendency to draw my scenes and what I expected the characters to look like (characters like Katrina and Austin). J. Todd Coleman posted a few pictures from Pirate101 that I really enjoyed, and kudos to Jason Swordroll Goldriver for reposting!
So, I will tell you, panel by panel, what is going on (kudos again to Jason) 

So in panels 1-3, the scene depicts an Armada prison barge. In panels 2-4, you can tell that somebody is breaking in. In 4, you notice that it's none other than Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry! In panels 5-8, a lock is being opened to a cell, and inside is a person! Yes, it's you! (the text on the side was illegible to me)
Coleman posted:
"Our game begins with the character being rescued from the brig of an Armada prison barge. His or her rescuer asks three questions: what happened to your parents, where were you raised, and what crime did the Armada lock you up for? These answers ultimately determine a player's class and influence which Companions he or she will acquire down the line."
Here, we can come to a few generalizations:
  • Your character has been convicted of something (Like this game already)
  • Your to-be pirate's parents are gone, and/or defeated (dead) 
  • Where you were raised will play a part in which class you will get. By researching the various trainers, I can tell that locations like "Secret" will very likely be a part of this. (Morgan LaFitte, the Swashbuckler, has a rather cloudy past, as well as Madame Vadima the Witch Doctor) 
  • Your companions aren't only affected by your class. Maybe if your parents were taken down by a dragon (Wizard mode is on lock), your chances are likelier, to overcome the fear. Or, it coudl be the other way around..

Now this picture is what I was talking about with character design. As you see here, there are several (as Coleman posted) Swashbuckler outfits depicted here. This led me to a few inferences. 
  • Gear stays the same, no gear buying insanity here. (What would we use gold for? Do we get gold? What do we get if not gold?)
  • Gear gets better by rank/level/experience, as you can see here. This leads me to my third..
  • Gear changes by r/l/e, but a few components stay the same. See here, that the male Swashbuckler always hat a feathered hat, and from 'level 2' and on, the girl has the same hat. Also, take a look at the female similarities between level 1 and 3's robes. This reminds me of many things. In my novice days (1) everything was simple, gear wise. I thought at one point (2) that my gear always looked different. All the time, I looked up to 3, where the gear was stunning! 
  • Also notice how the characters seem to change and mature over levels. Watch the hair. Watch the height. Hmm...
  • Hands are free. No handheld swords, they're carried on the back. Interesting. Think we'll have handheld objects? I think so. 
All in all, these two pictures have given me so much inspiration and inferring opportunities, kudos, Swordroll! 

Keep Traveling!


  1. Great post! The trash-talking is one of the reasons I don't pvp a lot anymore in Ranked, in Practice people are much nicer :P

  2. Oh really? I don't think I have covered my topic well enough then. Hmm..next post on this topic will be ranked. I haven't played as much ranked as I really should be, so I don't know the language that pops up in those arenas. I'll be sure to at least watch.


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