PvP Etiquette Pt. II, and Blogoversary Updates

Hello! Today I'll be covering two topics: My second installment about PvP etiquette, and updates on my blogoversary. Look for a few different things:

  • For my PvP installment, I'll be asking a few people of their opinions while I write the post. I do normally collect information while posting, so if you were asked, check this post for your wizard name!
  • Really important dates involving my blogoversary, when - oh no - I'll be on vacation! (Don't worry, I'll still get on for the event, if there will be one) 
Sit back and enjoy the post!

PvP Etiquette - Part II

Talon Nightshade pointed out that I only covered PvP etiquette in the Practice Arena. Talon has a good point. Could the tension be higher, thus effecting the behavior of others? Here's what a few friends have to say:

1 - Scarlet NightBlood - "Um, I don't know."

2 - Connor BattleBlade - "Most are silent, but some swear."

3 - Jack FireFlame - "Don't swear, they're quiet mostly." (when I asked, I prompted with questions that were answered here. Also, hello Jack! Welcome to Travels!)

   When I played that ONE ranked match, the opponent was quiet until I accidentally said our strategy without whisper chat. Oops. Our opponent's partner fled, and we just casually talked until Talon Nightshade and I won. The opponent was kind, and I am happy to find one like that.
   I think that the reason for the common silence is that perhaps in 2v2-4v4 the wizards are busy talking to their team-mates, and are very serious when battling for their rank. Same goes for 1v1, where the stakes are high in Ranked. I can see why too.
   I went on to spectate a few battles.

1 - No observations except for silence, and then one person fled. The crowd next to me was a bit annoying, swearing and crowding my chat box. Oh well, if I were one of them, I would talk too. What annoyed me is that people kept calling me a 'noob'. Maybe now I see the effect of silence.
2 - I still get called a noob and change my gear to Dragon's Hoard gear, to see if that works. I get back on topic. The second battle was also silent, a 1v1 like the first. The crowd cheered on one player, and I saw some light aggression near the end.
3, click to enlarge
3 - When I arrived at this 2v2, there were two people on one side, one on the other, and no crowd. Cool. I stayed for a little bit, as Taylor continued shielding, and as Nathan started swearing around the filter. About two or three blockouts in, I just gave up.

Overall, I found annoyance in the crowds and the insults, but the language here isn't as bad as I would think it to be. If you have heard otherwise or have something to say, there's nothing quite like a comment to make a blogger's day.

Blogoversary Updates

Now we get to our next topic, which I have waited very long to introduce officially: My First Blogoversary! :D Been waiting for this post.
SO, I checked my post list, and got the date wrong on all of my reminder posts, so the blogoversary is on the 13th. I also checked my calendar. Turns out, I'll be on vacation on the day of my blogoversary! Oh well, another excuse to bring my laptop with me. I am in the process of watching and reviewing the poll (Destiny's Travels has this in the bag), choosing my screenshots for my banner, and many other elements for the blog. If all goes as planned, the blog will change color (how exciting! haha) and the theme (and maybe font) will be different. Also, I'm planning to revamp my pages and overall spruce up the place a little bit. Anyhow, here are my options for the event:
  • Host a party (I don't have a PvP house, but my best friend might let me use hers). Not my favorite option, but I know how much I enjoy attending parties. 
  • Hold a contest. Whoa, wait. What do I hand out? I have one Bolt Demon code and a lot of KIFG codes, if you all want those. I don't have the funds to buy giftcards and/or crowns, sorry folks. 
  • Just post! This is always an option, and will be implemented no matter what happens.
  • Prank the readers! Well, too late for that one...
Just comment with your thoughts and/or ideas. 

Another Picture

Doesn't this give you chills? As depicted here, this is a Valencian-style ship. I absolutely love the wing design instead of paddles, it fits so well. Also, the atmosphere is downright stunning. I would kill (Malistaire, maybe) to be on the deck, enjoying the breeze and scouting for my next destination to plunder. 
Notice how Valencia is known for its technology advancements, and how a gear is printed on the flag. I think this will be a good way to spot Valencian...anything. Maybe I'll look around W101 for any clues. Arr.
Hmm...I wonder if your standard ship (like your dorm room) will relate heavily to your pirate class? Will Musketeers have more cannons, and the Swashbucklers a larger weapon storage? We'll just have to see, and I can't wait! 

Overall, I am even more excited for P101, might start PvPing (after I get through CL..) and will share more on my blogoversary soon! 

Keep Traveling!


  1. Your right, most of the Trash talking is done by the audience, probably because the actual contestants don't want to publically talk and give away their stats, or they're too busy thinking.

    Also even if you don't have a party, I want to say Happy Blogerversary! Your blog is one of the ones I constantly read :D.

    I think the Valencians are more like the Spanish, as they were a major European power during "The great age of Sail". Another similarity between Spain and Valencia is the Armada, which was an actual fleet that attacked British ships.


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