Previews of Travels' New Look

Some of you might have heard my hype about getting excited for my blogoversary, which was supposed to be this coming Friday. Thank goodness I double-checked the date, I was a month off. :( Gah, I had gotten everything ready: the contest (should there be one), the thank-you letters, the year in pictures, and... guessed it, Travels' new look, new title, everything.

To be completely honest, my train of thought broke down when I clicked the jump-break button. Here goes absolutely nothing.

The Banner

I had WAY too many ideas for this. My first intention was to make a banner with the novice Des running at one end, then a level 5-y Des overlapping the novice, and so on until the head, a party-style (Dragon's Hoard Gear) Des on a Stag leads the line and the end of the banner would have been the stag's front hooves. 
Then, I decided to make a film-y sort of banner, so sort of like stop-motion animation, but a lot of frames skipped. THEN (excuse my over-usage), I thought about something totally INSANE, which I'm not even going to mention, it failed so horribly. Meh, oh well. Here's the (just about) finished product.
If any of you want to know how I made this, give me a holler!
The quality didn't turn out exactly what I wanted it to be, so I'm still working on it. Tell me what you think! :) While on my old computer, I would switch between Pixlr, Microsoft Paint, and GIMP, I am proud to say that, after two hours of stubborn manipulation, this banner was made entirely using Microsoft Paint, the most stubborn photo-editing program known to wizardkind. (Okay, okay, I DID use Pixlr to upgrade the quality over and over. It doesn't count.)  And now that I apply it, I really hate the look of it. Back to the drawing board...and I lost my old banner, whoop dee doo.

Background, Widgets, etc.

The background will either be a basic black, or black with some fire-like red in a corner, or if I can, fire-like cyan. I'm planning not to rearrange any of the widgets dramatically, but will get rid of the Google+ button (thanks mom for plus-ing :)   ), the translate button, and the Follow by E-mail button, and to re-vamp the Play Wizard101 widget.  All links and buttons's words will be in bright blue and the text in white. I have revamped my 'about me' page, but I will compress it to a widget soon enough. 

Tell me what you guys think! :)

Pre-release Story, continued

OOC: Ok, so I'm still working on a plot for this one, but there will be one. For the moment, I just want to familiarize all of you with the characters and their environment. Thanks for all of the positive feedback! I don't really like my writing style in this chapter, and it will probably go back to drafting for some editing. : / 
When I opened my eyes after leaning over the ship's edge, the wind immediately dried them out, and harshly too. I lunged back and stifled a laugh. I pressed my lips together and leaned daringly into the air again. What I saw was simply...
"Whoa.." I filled in my own sentence again. The foggy waves carrying our ship rose to my presence and wrapped around my face, chilling the backs of my ears. It was the only thing visible in the violet dawn, besides the silhouettes of other ships, which the captain had probably deemed 'safe'. What was safe, anyways? Why was the Armada scared of pirates, it seemed like? I stared further into the skyway as it blew hair into my face, in a giant obnoxious mat of tangles - and my hat. I shook it off and stared further.
"There it is, Destiny, go ahead now. It is ours." I remember stumbling forward every so slightly, then tripping ahead towards the display, gleaming with artificial light. In a glass case shone a gleaming sword, with a matching scabbard. "Don't worry." I looked back at my father, and grinned.
"Can it be mine?" I whispered in the emptiness of the marble museum. 
"It's all yours. Use it like the Waponi spear that I brought." I placed my smaller hands over the glass and pulled it off. 
"Would you take a look at THAT?" Daniel exclaimed, snapping me out of my backtracking and nearly making me topple. 
"Would you please stop scaring me.." I grumbled, folding my arms on the railing. My hair flopped around in the breeze, but it twisted into a bun, seemingly when Dan noticed. This guy was marbles, or a first-class Witchdoctor. 
"You been to Darkmoor?" I laughed sarcastically. Daniel didn't notice it. 
"Not yet. Hey, where are we?" I checked out my surroundings again, looking desperately for any signs of change.
"Not sure, let's ask the navigator." I haphazardly buttoned my coat and strode towards the clearly labeled door. I poked my head in, and raced back to the skyway.
"Amazing, isn't it?" I whispered. "Navigator's sleeping, and the ship still flies." Daniel smirked as if he already knew. 
"Dangerous though. What could happen?" I placed my hands on my hips in thought for a mere second, when I heard a shriek - no, a roar. 
OOC: Dun dun dun, what is going on with Daniel? Is this all his fault? What about the sword? 

Keep Traveling!


  1. Nice post :D. Gimp can be pretty frustrating at times, but this is a tip I used when I began using it: I hover my mouse over every tool on the tool-bar to find out what each tool does and familirize myself with all the tools before doing any real work. Also just remember that Gimp takes a lot of mistakes to get to a finished product, so always cilck "ctrl-s"
    or save once you get something good :)


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