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With my thirst to write, I decided to take Johnny's writing prompt, and write and 850-word short story about P101. Here's what I came up with, I am so proud of it! (My secret is that I put a bit from every fanfiction I've written. The sorrow came from a past Wizard101 fanfiction that I wrote; the word compression from an old era of roleplaying, right before I started blogging; the 'quick thinking' and 'combat' from another fanfiction I write on a different site, under a different name; the first person point of view from my constant blogging.)
Enjoy, be sure to comment and provide some constructive criticism! ^.^

Why I cherished no sight at this point, I didn’t know. Of course, there was no meaning in plotting out my gratitude now, I had the rest of my life here to mull things over. Nonetheless, I was grateful for everything I could feel. I could feel my teeth grinding against one another (like unarmed pirates), my eyelashes tickling my cheeks behind a blindfold, and especially the bars of my cell; blistering my palms as I rubbed the rough metal. My sword, I growled in my head, gripping the bars harder and giving a bar a nice kick.. The Armada took my sword.
“Armada FOOLS!!" I spat, the word fools echoing across the barge. I could barely hear murmurs of agreement from other cells. From what I heard, I could have been the youngest pirate on the barge. I also heard steps, boots. My eyes were still blindfolded tightly. I leaned towards the gap between the bars. Several small steps by several small boots. I felt my way to the right, using the bars as guides, and slowly inched to where the wall made the slightest right angle, behind which I hid, my heart beating out of my chest.

“You take left, I’ll search for her...over here..” I heard, whispered in a thick Polarian accent. I heard something like hair brush against the floor. I braced at the sound of a grunt from father to my right.
"Get me out of here!" I yelled.
“Sure thing..” Gandry fiddled with a few keys and, with a bit of help from (none other than) Boochbeard himself, pulled my cell door open. He took my blindfold and slipped it over my head as a bandana. Boochbeard took off a satchel-like scabbard holder, with a sword intact. He placed it over my shoulders, and I breathed a sigh of relief that the Armada didn’t have my most prized possession in their weaponry storage. I stood up straighter, and tucked my hair behind my ears. Boochbeard and Mr. Gandry looked at me with much thought; as if they were sizing me up. Mr. Gandry remained expressionless, and Boochbeard grinned. 
“Ye sure ye aren’t scared out o’ yer mind, lass?” Boochbeard nudged me in the ribs, and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“I’ve been here too long.” In the back of my mind, a reminder spontaneously exploded. Talk like a pirate, not like a Marleybonian, Destiny. My cheeks flushed red, and Gandry gaped. I shook my head, and abandoned my coverup. For a pirate, biographies were nothing.
“Seems like we’re well acquainted, chaps. This way is out?” I sprinted halfway up a staircase, and turned around to see that the two pirates hadn't moved a muscle. Eyes bulging, gandry only pointed his finger above my shoulder, onto which I felt an icy sword. Gandry felt for his pistol, and Boochbeard balled his hands into fists. Bristling, I drew my sword, took a single breath, and whipped around to face a single Armada soldier, masked and armed. I slid my sword along the length of the soldier's, and darted up a few stairs, escaping under the soldier's sword arm. I knocked the soldier's shield off of its back and, with the height advantage of a few stairs, laid my sword across the soldier's chest, as gandry swung in and pointed the pistol.
"DESTINY, watch it!" I whipped my head to the side just as the bullet whizzed past my ear and shattered a window. Wily Daniel Haysmith nodded to me and put a finger to his lips.
"Gandry, what be the meanin' of -" Boochbeard stopped himself in aghast as Mr. Gandry held his pistol and waved it around the room.
"AHEM!" The primate cleared his throat as a fleet of Armada soldiers peered behind Daniel, who bristled. One soldier pushed past and stared me down.
"Fearless Destiny Hemingway, not so fearless anymore, are you?" I drew my sword again, and shakily held it in front of me. Daniel squeezed his way through the fleet and stood next to me.
"I got yer back, bucko." Daniel stood tall and proud. I drew back my sword, prepared to strike, when -
"Umph!" Daniel and grunted at the same time, crashing through the window in the arms of Morgan LaFitte, my idol in swordsmanship. Speaking of ships, Daniel and I touched down a little harder than expected with a thump. I rolled over onto my back and whooped as loud as I could.
"Now THAT," Daniel yelled into the free air, "Was what I call a life well lived!" I sprang up and casually saluted LaFitte, or Captain LaFitte now that I recognized her stature above the crew.
"Where are we headed to, Captain?" I never ceased to amaze others with my Marleybonian accent. Morgan was unfazed though.
"That-a-way." Morgan pointed to a small circle on her map.
"Sounds good."
"Would you like me to show you to your -"
"Nah, we like it up here. In free air." I thanked the captain and sheathed my sword, breathing with a sigh of relief.


  1. this is terrific. very nice job with the details and visual imagery, nicely done. thx for sharing this.

  2. @IriG - Thanks for your comment, it really means a lot to hear from my readers on my quickwrites. I'm working on portraying the dialogue a little less obviously (or at least that's what I think it needs) and maybe continuing this...
    Really proud that someone said something about this, thank you SO much!

  3. You are welcome! I hope you'll post more, it's great to read. take care!


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