July 30, 2012

KU Meeting Review, Conquistador Sword, and other news

(No slideshow today, folks!)
I was mere footsteps from getting out of Zamunda. I just had to hit the ice minions and hope that my minion did her job, and that I didn't get attacked by Tse-tse afterward. However, my screen just stayed here for four minutes, with nothing happening. I eventually closed out of W101 and decided to tackle the tomb another day. If anyone wants to run through it with me (out of hench-crowns), just leave me a note!
Read more to learn about KU's first official meeting, other updates, and a special picture!

KU Meeting Review

Last night was the first official KingsIsle Universe (KU) staff meeting. There was a nice agenda that I was introduced to early on, and I talked to the founder and co-founder (who I will be calling "the co" for short) about it for twenty minutes before the staff started arriving on Skype to get the meet started. I stayed for the portion pertaining to the agenda, and I took a LOT of notes. Any staff members (staffies) who need them are more than welcome to leave me a message! 
Also, KU is still in need of a few positions:
1 Pirate101 Voyager Moderator - Your job is to moderate the P101 sections of our forum, especially as staff grows. You will be working in a team, and your head is A Deadly Pirate. Moderator abilities.
1 Event Planner - Party? You have calendars. Meetup? You have a mic. Planning? You have it covered! We need an event planner for any parties/events that go on around site. You will be working with the founders and head staff.
1 W101 News writer/1 P101 News writer - Where's your pen? You'll be writing a lot of articles for the announcement page and the blogs. Blogger experience is appreciated. I think that you might have to send articles to me pre-posting though. You will have moderator abilities. 

Forbes Article III

Many of you now know about the trio of articles from Forbes about the success of Wizard101. I made an article on KU about the second one (which won us a Brave Hound), and a third was released. I know I'm a bit late with this, but here's a link to the new article, you should check it out!

Character Stat Goals (for reference later, I guess)

Get more accuracy
More crit block, but still a nice amount of crit. 
Find a piece of gear that I don't have to stitch but looks good, especially a hat. 
Find something to wear to the Ravenwood Ball (I do have something, but it isn't exactly what I want..)

Conquistador Sword (yes, the special picture)

Thank you, Tante Sonya!
Hey, look what I found!! This is a replica Conquistador sword, found during a party at my "Crazy" Tante (Aunt) Sonya's house. I went out in the yard (far away from living beings besides myself) and took a few slow, controlled tennis-style swings - including my first attempt at a one-handed backhand and open stance backhand. With a sword. (fist pump) 
I looked through a LOT of pictures, and didn't find any Monquistans with swords, even. Maybe if I venture in-game during live (due to an NDA), I'll find one. 

Keep Traveling!


  1. Hey des, if you still need help with the tomb, I will be willing to meet up tomorrow. Just let me know!

  2. Dear Lomax,
    I appreciate that you want to help me out, but I am very busy tomorrow with a tennis tournament. After that, not so sure when I can make it - I could lose a match first thing, or I could make the finals! I'll try to find a solid time sometime this week, and will try to reach you.


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