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Hello! Sorry for my posting absence, been working hard at keeping Insi - oops, it's not Insider anymore! The forum is now expanding into both a W and P 101 forum, thus dubbed KingIsle Clubhouse! Also, our new main site, containing the news; KingIsle Universe. I set off to help out, by writing guides for the forums, and writing blurbs for the site. I think that I explained it well in the long blurb I wrote yesterday - here. I snuck in a few "I've"s in there, that part was my point of view, forgot to mention.

As you begin to open your eyes, you wonder in excitement about the new world that the NPC sent you to help. You can't help but bite your lip before you slowly flip your eyes open to see -

Welcome to Kingsisle Universe, sorry about that narrator. Yes, we're all from the Spiral here; a mix of Pirates, Wizards, and dedicated writers.

KingsIsle Universe is a fan-based news-site/blog dedicated to the games produced by KingsIsle Entertainment. It is run by our amazing founder, Imagination (or Ria). This website's staff is dedicated to the spreading of news announced by KingsIsle through their official websites, and to make sure Wizards and Pirates alike are well informed. While this website is still in progress, the staff encourages you to join our community.

Now, if this is a news-site, why join? We (the staff) are in the process of making a forum-based fansite called KingsIsle Clubhouse. If you are familiar with the website Wizard101 Insider, then you may know that Insider is moving to Clubhouse when it is published for public usage. Already, staff has found and recruited a wonderful forum team ready to moderate, read, and reply to posts! They are very friendly.

Forum Team? Staff? Moderate? Yes, KingsIsle Universe and KingsIsle Clubhouse operate under a dedicated team of users, carefully selected from active members. Some people on the staff have been here since the first week of Wizard101 Insider, some since last month. I've seen members turn moderator in a night, and I've seen moderators turn SUPER-moderator in two. Moderators and Super Moderators are in charge of reading through posts and making sure things are allowed.

The staff is dedicated to their jobs and enjoys helping and chatting with other users. We make sure that all posts and users are appropriate, and we post news and guides to keep things running. Many staff members are bloggers as well, and we all play one or both current KI games, as soon as Pirate101 Beta is released. The staff members all work together to make this site what it is today, and don't treat anybody differently based on primary group association, whether they are a member or whether they are a founder. At Universe, we welcome anybody who follows the rules and respects the other users. If you respect us as a community, we will respect you.

Take some time to look around. Interested in becoming an Editor? How about a Graphic Designer? If you think you have what it takes, go to the Staff page for application forms. Want to go to Insider or Pirate101 Voyager? Look for the buttons that will transport you there. Any questions? Staff will be happy to help you out if the threads and FAQ can't answer your question, or even if they do.

Let the staff be the first to welcome you to KingsIsle Universe!

Ria, Founder of KIU, "Imagination"
Courtney, Administrator of KIC, "Twizzler"
Justin, News Writer, "DeathyWiz"
Nick, News Writer, "Lionrider"
Avery, Moderator of KIC's Pirate101 Threads, "Swift"
Destiny, Editor, "Frostbitten" (OOC: That's me!)


Yes, I agree with my statement - you should go check out Clubhouse ( (link to be changed soon) and Universe ( too!

 Here is my REFERRAL LINK, click moi.

Keep Traveling!

By the way, all posts about KIU or KIC will go under the "Insider" label. ;)