KingsIsle Universe: Help Wanted!

KingsIsle Universe is in need of Staff members, now that it is up and beginning to run. The current staff is:

Ria Drake, Founder
Justin Shadowblade, Co-Founder
The DrakeFlame and Connor Mistblade, W101 Insider Moderators
Destiny Soultamer (me), Chief Editor

Staff needed:
Forum Makers (1-2)
Moderators (5-8)
Editors (1-3)
Graphic Designers (1-2)
General Staff (3-5)
Event Staff (TBD)
News Writer (TBD)

Forum Makers - If you know how to make a forum with VBulletin (we will supply), then you are in very high demand at KU. Right now, to get the site running, one or even two forum makers there or not would make or break KU.  We (the staff, if I ever refer to 'we' or 'our') are looking for a very dedicated forum designer who is capable of creating a custom template, and knows quite a bit of HTML too. You'll be needed to help out on the site after official release (we call this current time 'open beta'). It would be great if you sent in a sample with your application.

Wizard101 Insider and Pirate101 Voyager Moderators - Having had experience as a W101 Insider moderator, I have some immense respect for moderators of all sections. Your job is to look over and read through all that is posted and put up on Insider and Voyager, and make sure it is legitimate and safe. If I remember correctly, 'mods' have access to editing posts. If you sign up as an Insider moderator, then having in-game experience is great. Mod experience is appreciated, but is not necessary by all means. If you sign up as a Voyager mod, we expect you to have read through KI's Official Site, and to know basic FAQ about the new game. Expect to work in a team.

General Editors - I know exactly what you might be thinking. Why do we need editors? The editors are the ones who can sniff down a single spelling/grammar mistake, and be courageous enough to tell someone about it. I originally signed up for editor since I loved the job, but notice that though as an editor you'll have that awesome title (which I'm not kidding is awesome), you wouldn't have moderator abilities or anything else besides the title and staff position. If this is what you specialize in, you should go for it! Editors should expect an editing sample (which is replied when their application is accepted) and maybe a quick interview.
I am the chief editor, and expect the best from the team.

Graphic Designers - Can you call yourself a GIMP wizard? Specialize in graphics? This is the job for you! Graphic designers for KU work hard to make sure the site looks eye-catching and that the pictures are pleasing. Their work can be seen anywhere on the site, and needs to be nicely done to qualify. This job requires knowing how to use photo-editing and image-manipulating programs (GIMP or similar preferred) and the it would be great if we could see a sample too.

General Staff - The General Staff are the best of the best moderators, the wisest writers, and the members who 'know what they're doing'. General Staff have access to post anywhere, which makes them likely news writers too. I expect many General Staff members (in which the word General means 'most of') will come from other staff positions. However, we will accept a fleet of General Staff members through application during open beta, I guess. Mod experience is appreciated, but not required. Expect to work in a team.

Event Staff - Love parties? Love planning them? Read further! Event Staff are the folks who will plan out any site events, from port-buses to mini-parties following the main event if needed. Without them, parties would never happen on KU! Required is some free time for attending parties, planning skills, and dedication towards your job, especially when it comes in handy. It is recommended that you are an active user. We do not require samples of any kind, but if you want to send in something, feel free to do so with your applications!

News Writer - Are you a blogger, or just someone who likes to write about the latest news? This field will bring out your specialty! You are responsible for one of Universe's main concepts: Keeping users informed. Blogging experience is great, and we will need a sample. Expect to work on a team of writers and editors, and to not write every single article. Please be an active player/member. Writing sample is required, look for a reply to your application for a prompt and conditions.

How Do I Apply? - Fill out the form here. (my links are the same color as the text)

You Mentioned Position Requirements. Any Requirements For All Positions?

You must have an account on Universe, and have had game experience in Wizard101. You must also be a human in some way, I'm afraid that some of the staff might be allergic. It is absolutely required that you follow Universe rules, with the punishment of blockage/deletion of your staff status and/or account, depending on the situation.

That's it for today, better more news-y post tomorrow.

Keep Traveling! (enjoy the new banner, I like it better!)


  1. Thanks for the info :) I think I might become an event planner :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    I think KU is a gr8 website that is definitely worth visiting... I even applied!! :)

  3. Smiley, oh my goodness! It's 'gr8' to hear from you! We'll look over your application right away!


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