Conquering Calypso

It's about time I quested! It has been what, a week; since I have ventured into Celestia! Today features a post of screenshots, though I will write in a bit of my observations, and a Pirate101 picture description at the end.
For my intro (see how I plan out loud :P ), I wanted to mention the July writing prompt for the Ravenwood News(letter)! This month's prompt is to write a postcard about your summer travels in the Spiral, and gee; that one was fun! I'm going to wait to see if mine is accepted, but I really thought about this writing prompt and tried to squeeze my letter into 500 characters, which is a lot harder than you think, especially if you've just happened to defeat Calypso the minute before.
Arr, me Wizards! Captains Soultamer and Daisypetal
have conquered this here ship!

 The evening started out with two Hexfin battles. I nearly died in my battle, after Paige D.  left. Scarlet NightBlood showed up to help, but left after a potion flee. Her friend Miguel stuck around and saved my skin.
When Paige D. came back, I helped her with the battle, until Valerian NightBringer and his friend Rowan teleported in, and really helped us out. I spent an hour battling Hexfin, Paige twenty minutes. Lesson: try for late evening when in need of help.
 Next up was a boss that Paige and I had only heard about: Calypso! Though I was expecting a little more from the battle (maybe because Hexfin and minions were ice), Calypso was fun to battle, and we were successful! Paige and I did some exploring on the ship after we talked to Calypso with Elijah LightThief, and agreed that this alone would make an awesome house.
And I don't mean the Sunken Palace, I'm talking about the ship alone! The Sunken Palace, in my opinion, is ruined by the house. If the ship was the house, then I would buy it!

Oh, by the way, I am having problems taking screenshots. Notice how my taskbar is visible below my screenshot. What is the key combination for just the W101 window? (Windows 7)

In other news, I am collecting my mega snacks to train Zeus (the starfish) to Epic, in hopes of Spritely or Iceblade. I have three EMPs in my watchtower, and an elder Boom Shroom watching over, and a Fiery Boom Shroom when I get my hands on one. Also, there is an Egg Basket, and a Garden Gnome providing likes. The peas get to Elder in about a week.
Also, I'm two bars away from my Snow Angel quest, and I'm really excited to FINALLY get Snow Angel. 

What I like about searching for end-of-post P101 pictures, is that I stumble upon many websites and blogs! I found this picture on Gem of the Spiral, a blog that I haven't read before. I read the post on the link, and I like Dustin's writing style. Go check it out! 
This picture is labeled as a flooded cave. This makes me wonder: was it empty before? How did it flood, if not naturally? Will our pirates swim proficiently? Remember, no elixirs here! I see that the cavern is slightly Celestia-esque, with the light sources, mainly. Also, Dustin included this picture with Monquistan concept art. Is this part of Monquista? Will there be any...I don't know, something shiny interesting hidden here? 

Well, I'll probably post tomorrow too! I like how I am posting daily, and how the posts are quality ones, on my standards. 

Keep Traveling!


  1. Elizabeth GoldenThistleJuly 05, 2012

    There is no key combination that I know of for just the W101 window, but Windows 7 comes with a program called Snipping Tool. Try opening up the program and drawing a box around the W101 window. Hope this helps!

    Elizabeth GoldenThistle


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