Concept Thoughts

Hello! I was looking around at what I could see on the Pirate101 Facebook Page and J. Todd Coleman's FB Page, and found a few pictures that I wanted to comment on.
What I enjoy about finding this concept is that not only does it give us glimpses into the game, but it makes us wonder what will happen, and in my case give me ideas for the story (which is starting to be plotted, it's complicated...). Read on to find out more!

So, this picture, as described on the Facebook page, is the progression of a Valencian duelist's clothing. Maybe the pictures with changing characters weren't companions after all - unless I'm mistaken. Notice how subtle the changes are though;  some of the duelist's accessories went from silver/grey to gold/colored, a the hat is slightly changed and/or added. Like when I mentioned the changes to the Swashbucklers - there was a 'main theme' that was added on to and slightly changed over the progression stages. (once-Pokemon-nerd moment) I was wondering if, in Valencia, we'd help this duelist earn his ranks. that could make sense, also if he were were a reappearing NPC that appeared in areas as you'd unlock them.
This picture made me VERY excited, let me tell you! This depicts a female pirate being created. The icons for boys and girls made me crack up (maybe they could do a shoulder-length 'do instead of the pigtails?), and I enjoyed the way KI depicted Boocho. What bothered me is that the dialogue slipped in and out of pirate and (what is considered) correct grammar.

 It's actually intriguing, the boots. If you remember a style of WC boot, then you can see why I'm experiencing serious deja-vu with those boots...I don't trust them...


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Skyway Light, cont.

“Des'ny! Cap'n Lafitte! Been lookin' for the both of ye, and...what happened here?” Daniel carefully tiptoed through the bones. “Best be learnin' more organization, eh?” If he weren't the scraggly, tired, jail-free witchdoctor that he was now, I would have bet pure gold that Lafitte would cast him away. 
I picked up a smaller bone, like a jaw, and twirled it in my hand a few times. 
“Best be cleaning up and filing in?” Lafitte had silently crept up onto a higher-up part of the deck, shrouded in mist but boneless. She tossed brooms down towards us. “Welcome to the crew.” I grunted a laugh, and picked up a stiff broom, as Daniel started to sweep and generically whistle. 
I couldn't help but stare into the mist, though. Something about it, about the vision-consuming, low-lying cloud that draped over everything, lured my curiosity. It interlaced through my fingers and laid on my shoulders like a cloak. I could tell why Dan started whistling. The wind zoomed past my ears and made a screeching howl that started to hurt, even. Scattered memories and visions of my father invaded my mind as I started humming an old song that I would hear him singing when we were alone. Though my voice cracked, I continued singing. I couldn't see Daniel, and didn't care about spectators in the first place.

May it fly (and) 
May th' breezes
Carry me ship away in the wind.
Through th' gale (and)
Screechin' Stormgates
Through th' eve and dawn o' day.
Solve me steps (and)
Sharpen me blades (and)
Fill me soul with Skyway light.
May it fly, may it
Carry th' wind with me
Fly away, I might.

“Fly away, I might.” I whispered into the chill.

(OOC: Hope you liked the song, wrote it by hand. It was written in Pirate, but Des sings it with correct grammar.)

Keep Traveling!
Des (maybe I should try the nickname Swashbuckler Soultamer...I don't know...)