Christmas in July, I Love It!

I apologize early for the choppiness I now see in this post.
From the W101 site:

Christmas in
July Sale
Now through Sunday, July 15th
let's pretend it's the Holidays with
decorations, pets and more!

Take a break from the heat during Christmas in July!
You can visit Felix Navidad in the Shopping District, enjoy holiday decorations throughout the Wizard City Commons, and purchase your favorite holiday items from the Crown Shop.

Fun Holiday Items Return!
The Gift-Giving Boon Tree
Happy Holidaisy Plant
Snowball Pet
Arctic Ninja Pig Pet
Mixed and Red Candy Cane Mounts
Select Holiday Housing Decorations

(also, you can get a free item by entering the code "heatwave")

Woah! Gee whiz, KI couldn't have planned this better! At the beach, it's simply steaming hot, it was great to see the X-mas style decor and festivities. My computer is rather dodgy right now, so I can't post them yet.

In other news, you can see that the blog is going through an upgrade! I have the new banner...finally...and I'm working on a better background. Posting on my questing will return to normal next week, but for now it's blog updates and KI updates. I'm sure everything will even out eventually. If all else fails, I'll re-whip up an 'old-style' Travels banner.

Also, the fabulous Paige MoonShade has announced the Third Annual "Best Little Dorm in Wizard City" Contest! I have heard of the past two contests, and was never around in time to participate. This year, however, I am way too busy with other things - and too low on gold and inspiration - to enter. : \ Sorry, folks.

Well, that's really it for my post, enjoy my next part of (I don't know, I need a title..)
"We have this covered." Daniel looked pale, and barely sputtered out his false optimism. 
"You think?" I unsheathed my sword as Daniel continues stepping back. Out of the corner of my right eye, I could see him turn and bolt. "In fact, what ARE you thinking?" I leaned back to look up at the sky with my sword straight up, oonly to crash back on deck in a clatter of bones.
"Dan, get the capt-" A clawed bone-foot eased my jaw shut by placing itself on my head. I violently rolled to the side, hearing my head hit the wood slat of the deck every time the back of my head touched down. A bit dizzy, I stumbled to my feet and didn't dare lunge for my sword. I wouldn't today, since I was being breathed on by not one, not two, and I had wished for three. Five glowing bone dragons hissed and scampered (almost playfully) on deck, as I felt the paw of Captain LaFitte on my shoulder, handing me my sword.
"Let's see how you do with a blade, Hemingway."