Celestial, Isn't It? Part III (Last Segment)

 Yes, you heard me right! I have finally battled my way through the Malistaire arc, and Celestia too! It took a lot of effort, some time, and a good team to get through the last two Celestian dungeons. My team today:

  • Me (Ice) - cr. 3,500 health
  • Robert DarkFlame (Fire) - cr 2,500 health
  • Chris FireHand (Fire) - cr. 4,000 health (also a new reader - welcome to Travels, Chris!)
  • Sophia...Sophia SomeBody...(Storm) cr. 3,000 health

(Unfortunately, Paige Daisypetal couldn't make it, nor did she have crowns, so I tackled the dungeons with this team. Nice work, you guys. :) )

Since I read around a lot, I sort of knew what was to come in these dungeons. Annoying cheaters,
 Morganthe, etc. The team and I kept a steady flow of consciousness about any cheats, and how to get rid of and/or avoid them nicely. We avoided mob fights pretty well, and the team split up nicely in the Lunar Sanctum, two teams of girls and boys ironically. Since Chris and Sophia were above Trial/Chancel level, they teamed up with a wizard who was at or lower than Trial/Chancel level, lower in the case of Robert.

Thanks to Soph's Leviathan and Chris's Rain of Fire, the battles weren't too hard. I also threw in a gargantuan Frost Giant when I could, though I played defense a lot. (Like the old days. When I quest with Paige Daisypetal, we normally help one another out as needed and hit on the same turn. This time, I took a job and stuck with it for a change.)    

After a nice Morganthe encounter (yay) and a successful teleport back to Base Camp, I visited Halston Balestrom, and waited for the quest to talk to Merle Ambrose.

Did I get it?


I'm level 59. I know where to start questing for a lot of exp (Stormriven) and which dungeons to re-run (Chacel/Trial/Portico), so I'll be officially in ZF soon enough. In the meantime, Chris gave me a ride in and gave me a short rundown of the place. We parted ways, and I stayed for maybe five minutes before heading back to Celestia, waiting at the Trial entrance. Anyone want to do a Trial run? Give me a holler.

No story segment today. I'm pre-writing it for a change, and researching the art of writing swordfighting scenes, which was a lot harder than expected, since I have so little knowledge of it. Oh well, hope you enjoy the next segment!

Keep Traveling!

P.S. I'm not as happy with my new layout as I thought I would be. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Better Banners? Drop a comment or leave an e-mail!


  1. Congrats on finishing the main celestial storyline! A tip for writing Sword-fighting scenes is that you might want to familirize your self with the sword at hand. Ex. A Japanese Katana would be meant more for slashing than a Roman Gladius, which would be meant more for thrusts. Also I would like to help you with a trial run :D. I believe Mithraya drops the celestia theme for the music player :P

  2. I`ll do a trial of spheres run and idk when.

    -Elijah L.


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