And Then I Ran Out of Cards

Hello! I can't believe how close I got (this time) to defeating Volkir. I had gotten a few cards from Elijah LightThief, and I had used many of them up.
My current strategy is to have a constant minion, to kill Volkir's minion, and to let my minion kill Volkir, which works pretty well. I kept a steady flow of pixie treasure cards healing me, and was at full health at one point. At that point, I was out of minions and decided to kill Volkir's leftover 2000 health. I searched for a Colossus, only to find that I deleted them for pixies. (Failed, Destiny.) Turns out, I only had three cards left: Monstrous, Fortify, and Vengeance. I growled, and fled.
Lesson of the Day: Pack a Reshuffle, and never let it out of your sight.

Keep reading for news on Wizard101 Insider, more on annoying Volkir, and another round of picture analysis!

Wizard101 Insider Is Back

You heard me, folks. 

 Insider. Is. BACK.

Yep, after a bit of struggle to get things moving again, Insider is once again running. What can you expect out of the site in the next few weeks and months?
  • A semi site transfer. 
We're expanding! Wizard101 Insider Staff  is working hard on finalizing decisions for a new multi-KI-game site name, hosting (covered), and decisions such as color choices and job opportunities. We're really excited for the change, Instant Messages are flying like cheerful whisper-chats around the holidays in-game! 
  • A newsletter!
YAY!! It's about time...
After a bit of thinking though, I have turned down writing the newsletter, since I"m so busy with other stuff. Oh well, I can see greatness in it. The newsletter, as I have seen, is divided by game, and so I am inferring that there will be multiple writers, which would mean that spots will be open once we transfer. (On the new site where we should be soon, there is a nice spot to apply) Can't wait to see what writing talent emerges from Team Insider1 (no pressure)
  • More members!!
There is nothing that I as an Insider like more than greeting new members in the 'hello' section of the site. However, we haven't seen that many.Mine will be at the end of the post. Also, I'm changing my sig at the bottom of the page to go to the referral link.

  • Success!
I hope that can speak for itself. Team Insider, or the Insiders (as I like to call them) that are on are working very hard to bring people to the site, and it overjoys us to have members,  and some more joy in the forums, which staff dusts and polishes by the day, in hopes that a post will come in.

That's news for Insider! Back to you, Travelers!


Volkir Pictures

First Try

Mammoth (died next turn of Minotaur)

Speaks for itself

Picture Analysis (again, I love this segment!!)

Oh no, here comes the fiction-warmup! Excuse my over enthusiasm! 
The few seconds between my slight toss and the slight thud of a rope felt like ages. Dangling my legs into another Skull Island-y tomb, I stared in and breathed in the smell of air-touched dust, just rising out of the broken ceiling. The gold was bound to be in here. I sheathed my sword and could barely wrap the heavy rope around a nearby tree, it was so colossal. I attempted to tie a knot around the trunk, but with no luck I unsheathed my left-hand sword (nice job on this post) , and could maneuver it through the rope and into the tree.
"Fine job," I commented, holding onto the rope and, winking to the known atmosphere, sliding down into the dust.
Nothing quite like my Swashbuckling hopes and dreams!  ANYHOW, this picture depicts a Tomb in Skull Island, as written here. Notice the hole in the ceiling. who made it? How did the hole change things? Could your pirate venture in here, like mine did? What about the vines? they make me think that this tomb has been plundered already. The light came in and allowed plants to grow. What's through the door? How did the torches stay lit? I can't wait to look in here!

Keep Traveling!