What Do You Mean, the Eggs Aren't Scrambling?

Hello! I have been very busy with school, explaining the lack of W101-related posts.
So a few days ago, I battled through my last bits of Stormriven Hall and teed off to the Portico and Lunarium! All in all, I found this dungeon to be...easy? Can't really explain that.

 Well, the course of events was shockingly Labyrinth-y, and that wasn't so pleasant. Basically, activate something, defeat three people of different school, and THEN hop onto the big challenge. The Lunarium itself wasn't that hard. All I had to do was activate crystals, and then defeat one mob and a boss. Not too difficult, a nice place for PaigieDee to pick up her Moon spells too. Actually, with that mentioned, I'm thinking it's a glitch that the Star trainer in the Base Camp won't let me train, thus I have to run through the Stellarium for every spell. (speaking of, I leveled to level 55)

(Don't mind me - I'm a post termination sprite, is all. Cleaning up is what I've been assigned to do, and my assignment is what I shall get done! Whew! 3/19/13)

In this picture, you can see that I leveled Romeo to adult, and didn't get a may-cast. Rom hasn't casted ice-trap YET, and I am getting fed up with that. Oh well, I'm hoping better for the future! I estimated a rough 10 EMP harvests until I have enough to level Rom to Ancient in one pavilion run, 20 for epic. With my garden, that will take an estimated 2 months for that, maybe better if I get a lot of Fancy Yogurt.

With that, I will tell you my Science Center adventures later!
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