This Does NOT Mean I'm Going on a Hiatus

But, my computer, I'm sorry to say, is on its last limb, and is dying. I'm posting from another computer, but there won't be much W101-ing from me for maybe a few weeks.
My computer's problem has to do with its screen. I call it 'snowflaking'. You see, when it snows, the temperature is freezing right? White stuff gets everywhere too. My computer get all cloudy, then it freezes, and sometimes shuts down. This has been happening since I got April Fool's Day pranked with a screamer, and I suspect that is the source. (screamer - link taking you to a scary face that makes a loud sound)
SO, PaigieDee might post a bit on here if I'm gone for 5+ days, but I will be checking e-mail a lot.
Post coming soon, if I type fast enough,
Keep Traveling,