Technomancer, Entry III (Last entry for a while)

Yes, this is the last technomancer entry.

So, this might be the first entry where something didn't go wrong. Yesterday was the last day of school, and it took a lot of asking around, duct tape, sound checking, etc to find all of our necessary supplies; not to mention setting up a bajillion chairs. Joshua (the other head) and I worked forEVER, from 9:30 AM to 10:15 AM, which is a pretty long time for setup. Once, we got it done in 15 minutes! Since we were both stepping down from tech the following year, the boss treated us to wall spots, which were pretty much front row seats, considering that we had to army crawl to and fro the computers and projectors.

The beginning of the assembly was downright hilarious. A few teachers have the yearly tradition or scaring the students, and they came through the back stage door, where the soundboard was located. Joshua and I were checking the sound and all mic input volumes right before the assembly, and we were the first to get spooked.
When we finally recognized that there was no dueling circle these people were teachers, Hunter cued them into the auditorium. Josh and I had to wait backstage for a while, but eventually came out through the curtain.
The rest of the assembly did include technical difficulties, but they were fun to fix. If you know a bit about sound system setup (basic facts), the speaker was screeching, because (and we were wondering if it was the same person who ran the Talent Show) someone had unplugged a computer wire. I dove to the computer and turned off the slideshow, Joshua turned off the speaker, and Hunter went wire-hunting, as the principal started telling jokes. I reconfigured the show after a bit of troubleshooting, and it went on well.
At the end of the assembly, the crew was thanked for their hard work.

Since both Josh and I are leaving, I left my bloglink in the wire box. Hunter, Katie, this is what you need to see.

I am so proud of the both of you. Since the very beginning, you both reminded Josh and I shockingly of us. Hunter, you're in charge of projector and computers. Katie, sound and speakers. Remember to share the light key so you both know what you're doing, and to treat the newbies with respect. Try to reserve wall spots, they're the best! Also, if you think something is wrong, something could be wrong, so you'd best try to fix it. Make sure the speakers are set up correctly, and KEEP TRAVELING!