Spiral Live - After Hours!

Hello! Today, I was admitted to a new occasional segment of Spiral Live - SPIRAL LIVE AFTER HOURS. It was a BLAST, and I got admitted to SL cast as well!

The show went well, the actual show; but my computer started snowflaking after a while - PROPS to my friend Sonya for her MacBook Air so I could listen! As of now, I'm still standing in Nick Lionrider's Sun Palace, since my computer is still on a rampage.
I met so many people, including Ria Drake, current owner of Wizard101 Insider, which is currently on hiatus due to paying for things. It will come back though, we're positive!
The after-hours was fun, we got off-topic a lot, but (heck), it was fun to hear from everybody. I do have to shout out to a certain Hugglez. Don't think you're weird. You're awesome. We made fun out of a pineapple, played truth or dare, and yet, nobody won the contest for 5,000 crowns! We're sorry, I hope someone won after I had to leave! The show was funny, though I do have to warn you that a few crazy things happened during the show. After hours, go figure.
Thanks to the SL crew for letting me on! Can't wait for next SL:AH (slah)!
Keep Traveling!