Slice of Life

Hello! So: this is a long story.

For math club, for our final competition, the club went bowling. I got to enter in our names for the electronic scoring, and, loving computers and sound systems and such, changed my name from "Destiny" to 'Techie', for the heck of it.
Today, Ty Rubyweaver suggested that I write a bit about my (not really) techie-ness, titling it "IRL Techomancer", and I decided to give it a shot!

Today, sound setup:

The scariest thing in the past year (or so) happened today.

If you don't know me IRL, then you don't know that I share the head position with another person my age for setting up the sound system at school. Normal things are sound checks, computer messing-around-with and wire detangling.
Today, I had set up a speaker stand, but then rushed to class to turn in a bit of homework. I didn't finish. When I got back, a speaker was on the stand, and I had forgotten about it.
Not unlike the tipsy one
If you've Skyped me, then you know that I have a bit of a deep voice. Well, I dashed over to the speaker to turn it on, and slowly, it started toppling, but not slow enough the I could stop it.
"OH MY GOODNESS!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, as I got squished under an (at least) 25-pound speaker, and it wasn't ten seconds before the rest of the sound checkers raced from another room (thank goodness for screaming) and the other head checker lifted it off. I was really winded, and quite shocked.

Not unlike our soundboard 
Don't worry; I'm fine. It was a shock, and I'm sure the checkers' ears hurt after the screaming. Most importantly, the speaker was fine, due to my (in)convenient placement. I still set up the other speaker, this time correctly.

Haha, that was my slice of life!

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