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 My travels continued today, as I stepped into the Crustacean Empire! With Paige Daisypetal, I bashed through Pisceans and Lophians, and a LOT of sea scum; which took me forever to find. I also completed a side quest, which led me to the Archives, a tower in Marleybone; I'm not too excited about it.

This first photo is a good one - it starts out the post with a BANG! Believe it or not though, this spell was a wand strike, just shot at the right moment. I seem to critical all of my wand strikes too, which is very pleasant, except for when that's the only critical.

 These next two photos not only showcase my spell-casting, but a funny part of a chat between Paige Daisypetal and I.

"How is you?" "I mean, how ARE you?"
"I is good! You is dead..."
"Woah, you is right!"

I love how amazing the spells look underwater, especially when they're being cast. This ice spell glowed even more than usual.

 What I enjoyed about the quest for the Stone of Mazzaroth was the NPC and creatures talking.

From what I see, Morganthe's Shadow Weavers 'told' the bosses that they would give them gold for the protection of the stone, or so says Vesna.

The first three bosses battled, and they were very easy. I took them all on my own, except for the Mooshu one, in which my friend Scarlet teleported to me.

On the back of the stone reads;

Sphinx of
Black quartz
Judge my vow.

Hmm...I wonder what that could mean? I can see that it is printed in runes from (LotS Runes Source) Grizzleheimian and Celestian runes (Celestial, aren't they?) which I will translate later, but I think they read the same message.

This last picture is from a tower in Avalon that I visited when helping fellow wizard Scarlet Nightblood. I would sell my fully decorated farmer's market other house for this kind of lof t in my watchtower! I actually blog from a loft-y room, true fact.

Well, that wraps it up for today! Be sure to visit!

Keep Traveling!


  1. XD "I is good. You is dead."

    That's...alarming contrast. XD

  2. Hmm, seems like both translatings mean the same thing. Its already carved into the stone, "sphinx of black quarts judge my vow". Now the task is to figure out what that means.

    ~Keep It Dead


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