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Look what I got!!
Presidential Award for Academic Achievement
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Heh, I feel at the top of the Spiral today! This award (on which I painted over my real name, principal, and school) was (not hand) signed by president Barack Obama, and claims that I have maintained a 3.5+ GPA for a certain amount of years, as well as that I scored above average on state standardized tests.

Teachers, if you read Travels (may have sent it to one of you), and my parents and friends, thank you SO MUCH for supporting me in academic achievement, the credit goes to you!

Keep Traveling!


  1. congrats :D. In our state we don't have that but we have Distinguished honor rolls lol

  2. @Talon NightShade Thank you very much! The academic awards in my state seem to vary by school, but this time it was nation recognition, made me feel so happy. Nice hearing from you!


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