Questing Weekend!

So, as the school year ends, I really need to focus on my grades. Posts, instead of 1-3 days apart, might start becoming for like 3-6 days apart, but never 6+. Don't worry though.
Also, I'm making an effort to post more (or at least write more) W101 related content (instead of blog-related stuff) to Travels, and will move most questing posts to the week-ends for the time being.
Anyhow, I wanted some (I have to confess quick and easy) community involvement in what's coming up in the next month or so.

If you don't know already, my blogoversary is on July 17th, and, like many, I'm giving Travels (or CritFiz, which I'm half-rooting for in the poll) a makeover!  I am working on a nice background, formatting and total rewriting of certain pages, and perhaps chocolate cake some sort of party. I'm still working on a contest, if there will be one, and how to surprise get ready for Paige's blogoversary, which is just days apart from Travels', mind I remember.

SO, here's what I meant by community involvement: The new banner! I have a few activities for the banner, to be chosen by the community.

Why am I releasing these contests now? I want the day of my blogoversary to be happy, and not filled with mind-boggling puzzles! The post will be simple.
If I can, I will have more as we get closer to the day. :-)

Starting now, I want your input on the screenshots in my banner! My banner will be like the others; with screnshots dotting the scenery. I'm going for a before-after type banner when it comes to the shots. I already have two screenshots picked out, but I want your input!
Your task: search through the blog, find a screenshot that you just LOVED, past or present. Send it to me at . I will choose 1/3 of the entries that I liked, and randomize them. IF I get under 6 or so entries, I will choose which pic I like, and that will be that. On the week of the makeover, your wiz name and/or blog will be on the scroll bar under the banner!

Here is my background for the banner, just in case you were wondering about coordination with colors:

I was taking a walk and saw this beautiful
tree, had to take a pic.
The title will be in white either in the top or bottom right.

Starting when the poll ends, I sense that there will be a very close vote, and/or a tie between two titles. First person to email me at gets to be the decider. (three way tie - you choose two and I choose between them) Your name too will be scrolling!

Well, I don't want to get TOO excited! I'll leave you all with this for now. ;)

Keep Traveling!

This post was written on June 6th and was pre-scheduled.