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Hello! I am VERY tired, so I'll skip the segue: Avery (from Insider) and I have started a Pirate101 fansite!! It is called Pirate101 Lookout, and we're really stoked to get things rolling. I am an admin, and am still learning how to use WordPress, where the site is hosted. We have our own domain name, and a banner! I'm so happy for this site, and I finally have a place to post on Pirate101. Don't worry though, I'll still be here!
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Now, without further a-due, here is my first post on it! I am so proud of it, but I won't post every post that I make there.

Hello, everybody! Destiny here, I'm really excited to post! Before I get to my actual post, I wanted to quickly introduce myself apart from the About Us page.
I started gaming at about 9 in the morning, New Year's Eve...2009, I think. I played Wizard101 to start things off, and that's the only game I play so far.  I'm a Thaumaturge. P101-wise, I hope to succeed in Swashbucklery and to play in Beta. I am a W101 blogger as well, but I prefer to stay on topic. I tend to use emoticons in my posts every so often, and I'm sure you will be okay with that. This is my first WordPress post.
Anyhow, on to what I wanted to start with: Names. I thought it would be a nice place to start, as I would if I was talking to a new person, as you are reading a new blog. I wanted not to talk about the blog title (props to Avery for awesome creativity with it), but about your pirate's name. As I was reading a while back, Paige Moonshade mentioned that, when she played in Alpha, her pirate's name was Perilous Penelope NightingGale. This brought me to wonder: How would we choose the variations for our pirate's names? How many variations? What could we expect? I decided to do the figuring and math.
Well, the name could (and looks like it is) separated into four parts; Adjective, Name, Surname1, Surname2. In Wizard101, the name is separated into three, you just take out the adjective. What could we expect? What would you choose?
Adjective: From Perilous, I could see that there were definitely going to be pirate-y names. I hope that there will be a few funny ones too. Hmm...I'd go for Fearless because of a very big change in my outlook in my past year of blogging.
Name: I think that 1) KI would just bump the names from the Wizard101 list, but change the wizard-y ones or 2) They would keep all of them and just add pirate-y ones. What they would be, I have no idea. (I was also thinking, did Moonshade choose Penelope over Paige, or was there no Paige on the list?) If no other name completely stood out on the list, I'd stick with Destiny. Fearless Destiny
Surname 1: I looked up both the word 'nighting' and the world 'nightingale', and I got two very different answers. Since Paige's pirate name had capitals separating the words, then I think Nighting would be her choice. Nighting means to be overtaken by darkness or night, and so I found it to be an...adjective! Now, the format seems to be Adjective, Name, Adjective, Surname2 (which - heads up- is a noun), whereas Wizard101 format would be Name, Noun, Verb(er)/Noun. Looking at this, I thought, Hey, why couldn't it be a noun too? Then, Gee, now you've only made it harder. WELL, I decided to make my decision before adding verbs (which - oh no! - is a possibility). Fearless Destiny Thunder...as Thunder aligns with Fearless just perfectly.
Surname 2: From reading, and a bit of research, a gale is a very strong wind. (a nightingale, by the way, is a bird) Of course, that makes it a noun. This wasn't AS hard, BUT, the Wizard101 Surname2 could have been a verb with an er ending (dun dun dun). SO, I set off thinking.
Minutes later - Fearless Destiny ThunderScreamer vs Fearless Destiny ThunderCaller. I was thinking that screamer might not be available. Also, they don't sound very Pirate-y to me, maybe NighingGale was a pre-made name.

                                                                    MATH - yippee!

So: with my observation in Surname2, I will do the math in two ways: 1) Combinations of Wizard101 names + Surname2s + Surname1(2) and 2) Combos of Wizard101 names + Surname1s + Surname2s

I used this site for my information.

1) 152 Female Names*+144 Male Names = 300 first names
80 Surname2s
170 Surname 1s, since I had to double it.
NUMBER OF NAMES:  (after an hour of math, I found the results on that same site. ;( ) 1,944,800
Now, I might totally embarrass  myself, but if I multiplied the W101 formatted names by beginning adjectives, then I'd get...gee whiz...330,616,000 names, which I will recheck eventually.

2) The answer for method 2 would be the same as the number of Wiz names: 1,944,800. To me, this seems more logical, as many elements in P101 are similar to W.

This concludes my first post, and, I have to say; I'm exhausted!! I have a headset on, a gigantic calculator in my hand, and a dozen banana peels. This post is about 1/15 the length of Frozen to Death, and might be the most research I've ever done for a post. This post will also be on Travels/Lookout, depending where you are now.

Keep Traveling!

A very tired Des
Keep Traveling!
Exhausted Des


  1. Nice Post! I will definately check Pirate101 Lookout out lol :D


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