On NPC Speech, Recovery, and The Poll

New computer, still learning a few things.
              Hello! I want you all to know that I'm feeling loads better, that the procedure went very smoothly, and that I'm recovering successfully. When I'm free of an IV and medical bracelet, I'll get to work on Lookout, though it currently has a blog link with our recent posts: p101lookout.blogspot.com.  Thanks go to Paige Daisypetal, Ria, Avery, and Jordan Sunflame for support and being there to be chatted with.
               Also, since my old computer died after about 8-9 months, I got last year's Lenovo model, right before the new one came out, for a sweet discount. I have my old files backed up on my flash drive, and I'll be sure to find a few for this post. I have been able to get on W101 recently, and I partied at my watchtower with Paige Daisypetal. I had bought her a few treasure cards last week that I thought she would like, and she treated me after I gave her a Chimera; to a Woolly Mammoth! I can't wait to use it, thanks Paige! I quested a bit, and helped friends in Avalon (crazy, right?). I am starting to love battles even more, now that I have a few good strategies. I have a good deck setup for mobs now, and I'm working out a good strategy for bosses, but that will all change in one level, when I get my Snow Angel! 


Today's topic is Non-Playing/able characters! Non-players, better known as NPCs, are the quest givers and school trainers that talk to you. These include Merle Ambrose, Malorn Ashthorn,  Bartleby, and Edith Benchley. I've been posting little tidbits of NPC speech (Plumbing101), and interesting shots of NPCs that I've enjoyed, like Edith Benchley (who is my example NPC for this post).
What I really enjoy about NPC speech is that anybody can write dialogue, but some of the dialogue here is just amazing. I can tell (I'm having second thoughts about this post, this next part is WAY too obvious, but worth mentioning) that actual writers wrote in the dialogue, and made it full of emotion (at times).
For instance, I was questing in Celestia, where I was prompted to eat Sea Mold...eee-yuck!
And then you feel a lot sick.
Ha, what a nice wake-up call to my situation, but the dialogue (in its 'not sure if that's correct grammar' sort of fashion) reminded me of the way some of my younger friends would speak, using 'a lot' instead of 'even more'.
Also, as I had mentioned, Plumbing101 could make me laugh, especially when it was said by an NPC with a more sour personality. It made me a little more willing to do his quests, as long as he cracked another joke. :)
As this post gets more and more obvious, I just want to yell a giant "kudos!" to KI, for their clever placement and plotting of NPCs that make you want to quest.

The Poll

Ok, so I want to ask you all now to please stop voting on the changing link options, as I have already. However, voting IS open for 9 more days. My blogoversary came a little earlier than I had expected, and I'm hurrying to get things set up. Looking at the poll right now, Destiny's Travels takes the lead spot, far ahead of second-place CritFiz. Even though CritFiz has 18 votes, Destiny's travels looks like the winner, folks. 

With that, Keep Traveling!