Maglump Down, Solarium to Go!

Hello! I recently took down Maglump in the Science Center! Here's my evaluation:

Turn 1: Yay, fire boss! .... The heck, is that a fire dragon!?
Turn 3: Okay, zilla...
Turn 4: 500 health, minion, called for help
Turn 10: 10 health, sacrifice from Scarlet. Critical Colossus kills minion.
Turn 12: Bone Dragon from Luis
Turn 14: Wraith from Scarlet, done

Went well, I have to say. Props to Scarlet Nightblood and Luis Deathblade! I'm off to the Solarium, can't wait to go there and then the Trial! EDIT: Well, gotta tackle the Crustacean Empire first.

TPR: I'm writing today, tomorrow, and the weekend, can't wait!
F2D: I'd like you to know the differences between posting now. Justin will post the story post wise, I will post it on the page, but show you 'the making of's and little tidbits of what I have to offer. We didn't want to spam blogrolls, so we decided to post different content of the same subject.

Also, props to Cody Lionsmith for chilling with me for a while before the battle. Thanks. :)

Keep Traveling!
This scheduled post was written on 6/21/12