IRL Technomancer, Entry II

Hello! For those of you that don't know yet, this is a series of posts about my life on the sound system setup crew at my school.

Yesterday, I flounced into the dark extra-assembly-stuff room for a peek at the projector, in hopes that I could learn how to use it well. Normally, the other head deals with the projector and I deal with sound. However, it never hurts to be prepared.
In the room was also our soundboard.
"Why the heckhounds..." I muttered, beginning to wheel our dear board out of the room for a quick checkup.
Normally, we keep it closer to the gym makeshift auditorium for easy reach and quick setup. Also there, I found our speakers, the microphones (though they were in boxes) and our wire box, which was out of place as well. I called my friend Katie to the room, and we started hauling everything out.
In the light, we could tell that there were obvious things wrong.
"Who would DO this?" Katie whispered, picking through tangled wires.
"Ugh, not the batteries..." I groaned, investigating the mixture of live and dead AAs. "The board's messed too. Must have been the Talent Show people. They DID almost break an amp for that guitar." Since it was getting close to setup, the other head (Joshua) and another member (Hunter, who was in charge of computers, not as disappointed*) had walked to the room, and saw the mess. They hauled the speakers up, as Katie and I looked at the beaten microphones, and two frayed and VERY important wires. I nearly cried at a main board-to-speaker wire's bare fray messing everything up.
"Gee whiz, what'll happen to the sound?" I muttered. Katie nodded. We coiled the wires and prepared to wheel the soundboard up for a final evaluation.

*Now is a good time to mention that the team is split up into two sections: Sound, and Software; though most of us could work in either efficiently. Josh and Hunter are software, so they work the projectors and computers; and Katie and I work sound, speakers, mics, boards, etc. Josh and I are heads of the tech division on our own, and can perform the job, setup, cleanup, and the rest of the stage crew's duties in record time.


"That should complete the list, Mrs. Guthrie." I handed 'the boss' a list of supplies needed. She nodded, and handed me a box of Hot Tamales from her file drawer.
"Gee," I smiled. "Thanks."

The supplies will come in to the school next year, but I won't be there (reasons all my own). Hunter and Katie will be heads. Next entry will be this Thursday or Friday.

Keep Traveling! Keep Sound-checking!
Des, the wannabe technomancer