Feedback Requested!

If you have paid attention to my blog, you can tell that

  • I have changed my blogger name to "The Traveler" after starting an IRL blog with the same account, but unlisted in my blogger page. 
  • I am pretty proud of my new banner
  • I have a scrolling line of text at the top of the page, thanks to Avery from Insider
  • And a bunch of other details
However, since perhaps September, I have constantly worried about my title; Travels of the Thaumaturge. Think about it like a math problem, where you solve for parentheses first.
Travels of (the Thaumaturge)
When solving for parentheses, you have to see if it's logical, which mine aren't. Theoretically, 1/7 of the wizarding community are Thaumaturges, and so using 'THE' in my title wouldn't be correct.
SO, I'm letting you, the blog readers, participate in the new title choice!
A few options (to be polled later)

  • Anything BUT Travels of a Thaumaturge
  • Destiny's Travels/Travels with Destiny (has a nice alt meaning)
So, I decided to make a few guidelines, since/so I wanted the readers to help me pick a new title:

  • It has to be appropriate!! I stress this so much! Think about this: In the comic series Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin's dad had to make up stories to protect Calvin's innocence. If Calvin's dad would have to make up a story (and in turn get scolded by Calvin's mom), then your title probably isn't appropriate. 
  • I still want to refer to the blog as "Travels". 
  • I'm not really aiming towards W101 related as much as game-by-KI related, so if the title could be applied to both W and P 101s, then that would be GREAT. 
So, just comment, Insider message, or email me!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Don't change it... sometimes gets annoying when people do that. It is like plastic surgery. Your body is important, and the structure of a blog is in its title. If it wasn't then people would know you by 'Travels of a Thaumaturge'. So, just keep it as it is. If you want just add a name you listed as a nickname.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Jack! That is the precise reason why I didn't change it before. I'm leaving it to my readers to decide though. ;) Thanks!


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