June 1, 2012

Feedback Requested!

If you have paid attention to my blog, you can tell that

  • I have changed my blogger name to "The Traveler" after starting an IRL blog with the same account, but unlisted in my blogger page. 
  • I am pretty proud of my new banner
  • I have a scrolling line of text at the top of the page, thanks to Avery from Insider
  • And a bunch of other details
However, since perhaps September, I have constantly worried about my title; Travels of the Thaumaturge. Think about it like a math problem, where you solve for parentheses first.
Travels of (the Thaumaturge)
When solving for parentheses, you have to see if it's logical, which mine aren't. Theoretically, 1/7 of the wizarding community are Thaumaturges, and so using 'THE' in my title wouldn't be correct.
SO, I'm letting you, the blog readers, participate in the new title choice!
A few options (to be polled later)

  • Anything BUT Travels of a Thaumaturge
  • Destiny's Travels/Travels with Destiny (has a nice alt meaning)
So, I decided to make a few guidelines, since/so I wanted the readers to help me pick a new title:

  • It has to be appropriate!! I stress this so much! Think about this: In the comic series Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin's dad had to make up stories to protect Calvin's innocence. If Calvin's dad would have to make up a story (and in turn get scolded by Calvin's mom), then your title probably isn't appropriate. 
  • I still want to refer to the blog as "Travels". 
  • I'm not really aiming towards W101 related as much as game-by-KI related, so if the title could be applied to both W and P 101s, then that would be GREAT. 
So, just comment, Insider message, or email me! destinysoultamer@gmail.com

Keep Traveling!


  1. Don't change it... sometimes gets annoying when people do that. It is like plastic surgery. Your body is important, and the structure of a blog is in its title. If it wasn't then people would know you by 'Travels of a Thaumaturge'. So, just keep it as it is. If you want just add a name you listed as a nickname.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Jack! That is the precise reason why I didn't change it before. I'm leaving it to my readers to decide though. ;) Thanks!


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