Celestial, Isn't It? (Science Center and Listing Edition)

Hello friends and wizards (and to-be pirates)! I just wanted to let you know more about what I've been questing on with Paige.
Wish You Were Here!
(AKA Queen of the Sand Dune!)
You see, Paige and I quest together to keep ourselves in check and focused. Of course, we still
mess around a lot like 'normal' people, getting one another stuck in housing items and pet training every morning. In fact, on a normal W101-ing day, we set up our schedule like this:

  • Call one another, start talking, check blogs and e-mail
  • Log on
  • Garden
  • Sidequest and wait for pet health to refill
  • Pet-train (Romeo is now casting Ice-Trap frequently)
  • Quest, quest, quest, quest
  • Take a break for lunch or something, then have errands and IRL stuff
  • quest, quest, quest
  • Start blogging!
Questing in General
The questing today consisted of one (or two) words; Water-Maton. The Science Center is driving us crazy with these things, and they take forever. We are up to the point of collecting fuses from Matons to solve the Hydraulic Whatchamacallit.  However, I started organizing my deck better so I could get what I needed. My cards:

My Deck
  • 2 Balefrost
  • 2 Frost Giants
  • 2 Colossi
  • 2 Frostbite
  • 2 Blizzard
  • 5 Tower Shields
  • 5 Pixies
  • 2 Ice Blade
  • 2 Amplify
  • 5 Vengeance 
  • Prisms, as needed
Paige enjoys the variety in her deck:
Paige Daisypetal's Deck
  • 4 pixies 
  • 3 helephants
  • 2 phoenixes
  • 5 polymorph cat bandit
  • 5 balance blade
  • 5 helping hands
  • 4 hex
  • 5 hydra 
  • 5 judgement
  • 4 spectral blast
  • 1 elemental blade 
  • 1 elemental trap
  • 3 weaknesses

Not too bad, I used to have a lot of mishmosh in there that never helped.

NPCs (Odd topic)

Look At That Smile! Who's your dentist?
(Behind her left shoulder is the sparkle from my broom)
The NPCs in the Science Center were a lot better than the one in Stormriven, who demanded plumbing expertise. The NPCs here seem to like me, and congratulate me upon arrival and survival. It's interesting, how the gloominess of Stormriven could possibly affect one NPC, and the happier atmosphere could affect another. However, I've always been stunned by the way KI can apply mood changes for NpCs in such a way that it...made me not want to quest, sometimes. Like, that one guy in Triton Avenue whose name I'm too tired to look up, he made me not want to do his quest until I noticed that it was mandatory. But others, like the first NPC in Celestia, the one that greets you, is probably one of the nicest and more memorable NPCs, which made me want to start questing straight away! Celestial, isn't it?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, F2D and TPR have been infuriatingly slow. We know. We're trying to hurry but still write well. We have big surprises coming.

Suitcase Project

Under revamping.


Looks like CritFiz has passed the original Travels, but Destiny's Travels still takes the lead in this poll. However, anything could happen. May the one person who wanted to e-mail me with a suggestion suggest it please?

So, I think that is it for now. Watch for a post on Tuesday!

Keep Traveling!