Vlog 6! (big post)

Hello, world! 'Tis me again, just popping in to say that I have another vlog recorded! All my vlogs are scripted, so I'm not going to be battling any time soon with these types of vlogs. These types, you ask? Just wait, watch and see!


Hello everybody! This is Destiny Soultamer,
live from Ravenscar! I'd like to personally welcome  you to my second scripted video weblog, or vlog for short.
 THANK YOU to Kyle Wildgiver, for opting to be the guest! Thanks for coming, Kyle!!
(clap and sigh) Okay, down to business.

Article 1: Pirate101! Pirate101 was released in late April, and I sort of over-reacted, if you read Travels
closely. I'm fine now, but earlier, I was worrying about other sites "closing down" because of this new release, but over time, I regained my cool. Actually, I'm starting to like Pirate101 the more I research it. The only game I play is W101, and I'm excited to try this out, having
trust in KingsIsle.

Article 2: Progress. None. End of article. Schoolwork and the next item have been crowding my Wiz time.

Article 3: My little project! I am writing another story, as well as TPR, which will be slow until Summer. It was my way of sharing with all of you, my dreams as a newer player, from wearing a hood, to going to Ravenscar! Little Des lives on in my new story, unofficially titled; Undercoven! Keller Jadshade is also a main character in this book, I think you'll like the way I portray him as
a wizard in this book. It will be an ongoing project, sometimes like a journal, or memory book. We'll just
have to see!

A few specialty vlog ideas are as follows:

-TPR, mentioned
-Impromptu narrating of a quest (sounds fun!)
-Newscast attempt (might need Paige for this one,
multiple reporters, huh?)
-Walkthrough and narration
-Vlog bloopers, I have so many of these.
-Perhaps a vlog-based contest?
-Also, I'll be including guests like Kyle as they opt,
and as I find sugues and time!

Please comment or contact me with ideas, I could use a few! I am not currently accepting co-narrators for the newscast idea,  Thank you very much! In Ravenscar, Destiny Soultamer and Kyle Wildgiver over and out, Keep Traveling!

Back to you, blogosphere!

 - Heh, do you like the way I ended that? It took a little brainstorming.

Thanks go to:

  • Paige Daisypetal
  • Kyle Wildgiver
  • Jason Goldriver (for keeping me company while I tested sound and tried runthroughs the night before)
  • My family, for helping me make time to record
Speaking of Swordroll (Jason) and runthroughs, here is the official runthrough!
And, after the big vlog, Kyle treated us to a quick battle in Ravenscar, for the heck of it!
(Vlog coming soon, still uploading!)

Met up with Avery, from W101 Insider! Nice to see you!
I went to Avery's house afterward, and won a pvp match!

Keep Traveling!


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