Thank you, Ditto!

Hey everybody! Quick props to Ditto P. Monster and his contest! Ditto held a contest hidden in one of his videos, asking what people enjoyed doing outside. Here was my entry:

Hello, Ditto! Thanks for posting that video! 

Luckily, the info about the contest came in, right before my computer froze, and I got the contact details just in time. 
Anyhow, my favorite thing to do outside, is watch birds! There is a red-tail hawk nest, very close to my house, and on sunny days, I chase them around when they circle around my neighborhood. 
There are five hawks; Isaac, Darby, and the three chicks; Loud, Noisy, and Obnoxious (don't know gender till they fly, can't see the nest very well.). Isaac and Darby circle when the sun is out, and I take my bike to chase them around! Of course, the weather being temperamental, I normally feel rain when I get just close enough to see something in particular on one of the birds. (Darby is smaller than Isaac.) 
Also, I enjoy mountain climbing, especially wedging between rocks to sip water. I hiked/climbed 3 miles yesterday, for Mother's Day, with my mother! There were two mating bald eagles in a tree, when I got to my preferred peak, and I got to watch them for a while. 

Well, thanks for asking, and have a good week!

I won a TAG GAME!!

Woot! Keep Traveling, and no tagbacks!



  1. Congrats :D look forward to playing tag with you in game :D


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