Scripted, Staged, just need Set!

Hello! I've been feeling rather artsy (and really tired) these days, and had a few ideas!

Thought I'd have a little fun with old pics!

  • First of all, I have a new vlog scripted, staged (in the script), and planned out. I'll just get a ride to the correct destination (Avalon, probably) on recording day. There will be more on this in the post.
  • Thanks today go to Swordroll, for 1) taking me to Avalon, in need of help, 2) for waiting on my computer while it downloaded ALL of Avalon. 3) for letting me try to vlog from there, and 4) laughing off that my power went out right before a battle attempt. Thanks so much, I love Avalon!
  • I have a host of ideas, some to be implemented as a vlog part, but I was (crazy, last night) and thought about a Youtube vlog-based W101 sort of newscast! I'm not talking a podcast, like SL and RR, I wanted to Youtube cast for accessibility! I might have a few good ideas up my sleeve, and a few crazy ones. Watch out Paige; you might get the craziest of them! 
  • I haven't very much time to play 101 recently, too busy watching over Insider (fun!) and writing TPR (more fun!). However, I have been frolicking enough to take care of my plants, and pet-train a little. My plan is to go on a preparation break before questing on the storyline again. I'll try to pet-train some more for a may-cast, finish GH and WT, and pretty much get ready to crush the storyline when I get back to CL! Was thinking of trying to get my level 58 spell, then going back, to make things easier, I don't know yet....might have a bigger post on this...
  • A word to newer bloggers: promote! You are a blogger, spending your precious time writing and playing W101, you have rights to brag and "advertise" your blog! Get involved in the community, and share your link! Do something unique and original, whether it is drawing out more than posting out your adventures, or just being you! Don't hesitate to be who you are! I started out (in my mind) as trying to be as professional as possible, and using the biggest words and smartest sentences when I wrote, but now I have laid back a little, and I can see myself when I post! Of course, you can still be at your best reputation and be yourself, it's not hard!
Lastly, I'll leave you with a question:

If your IRL life was saving the Spiral, and being a wizard at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, what would you do in your spare time, next to pet-training, shopping, gardening, etc? Best answers will be included in the next post!

Sample: I'd find the best places to take pictures (IRL - screenshots)! I've always wanted to capture a scene with moonlight barely shining through water - from under the surface, or polymorph into a raven and fly through Ravenscar, take a few airborne shots!

Can't wait to see what you conjure!
Keep Traveling!